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AlarmCall is a freeware program which lets you play mp3s or other sound files as alarms. This way you can wake up in the morning to your favorite song instead of an annoying beep. Read me file (PPC). Screenshot. Homepage.
AlarmCall 1.0 (837 KB)
Apple CD Exporter
If you use the default Apple CD player, and wish to export the CD information to your own database software, then you can definitely find a use for this. Screenshot. Read me file (FAT, PPC, and 68k versions included).
Apple CD exporter (564 KB)
Beatnik Editor
The Beatnik Editor can import music and sound in a variety of industry-standard file formats and customize it for efficient delivery over the Internet. File formats which can be imported by the Beatnik Editor include WAV, AIFF, SDII, and standard MIDI files. The Beatnik Editor outputs music in Rich Music Format (RMF). RMF files allow for music to be integrated with digital audio while keeping minimal file size and platform independence. Registration required. Screenshot.
Beatnik Editor 1.0 (2.4 MB)
A program to generate MP3 files from WAV, AIFF or RAW sound files.  Read me file (PPC only). Screenshot of preferences available, of output and processing window. Homepage. (You can create AIFF files from CDs using TrackThief).
BladeEnc (342 KB)
Cabrio--10th Jan 2001
A compact, and classy mp3 player with beautiful skins. It is very stable and doesn't skip as often as other players. Read me (PPC). Screenshot of Cabrio in different skins. Homepage (you can also download the skin creator app here).
Cabrio PR2 (910 KB)
A freeware CD-player application for the Macintosh. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage for latest information and updates.
CD-square 1.3.2 (390 KB)
Direct-to-disk recording utility writing standard AIFF files. It features setting of input source, sample rate and sample size, mono/stereo selection, input gain (stereo where available), accurate level meters with headroom indication, clipping detection. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot (main window)
Coaster (375 K)
Finale NotePad
A music notation software that allows playback. Screenshot of the musical instruments available, and the main window with tool bars. Homepage. Registration is required. You can register at the homepage.
Finale NotePad 2000 (3.1 MB)
A complete MIDI operating system, also includes ClockWorks
Download (2.6 MB) version 1.4.2
A plain and simple MP3 player but with full play list support (PPC only). Note: Appearance Manager required
Download (206 K)
Read me file
Guitar SideKick
For guitar enthusiasts, use this freeware to learn. Read more about this freeware here. Screenshot. Homepage.
Guitar Sidekick 1.0 (673 KB)
Guitar Tab
GuitarTab is a guitar tabulature program for the macintosh, by Greg Clayton, which allows easy entering and playback of guitar tabulature. Screenshot. Version 1.0 is emailware (or freeware). This is a well-designed software with lots of great features. Ps: Future versions might not be free. Homepage.
Guitar Tab 1.0 (502 KB)
Igor Engraver Light
A software program featuring sophisticated graphic capability and true WYSIWYH (What You See Is What You Hear) for real playback quality. The program is an advanced tool for composers, musicians, students and others actively involved in music notation. PPC and MacOS 8.5 or later. Homepage.
Igor Engraver Light (27 MB)
iTunes--13th Jan 2001
The easy to use mp3 software from Apple is available free. MacOS 9 or later. You can rip songs from your CD, manage your song or play lists, encode into mp3s, and burn selected songs onto your CD. Check out the homepage for more information. If you are using an external CDR or CDRW, you might have to wait for either Apple or the manufacturer to develop the driver for it.
iTunes (4 MB)
A computer program that composes the piece - or, more precisely: an excerpt of a virtually endless piano piece - in real time. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. Homepage.
Lexikon-Sonate 2.0 (1.2 MB)
Control your Finder with this application. Read me file (PPC 200MHz and above, Apple PlainTalk, MacOS 8.5.1 required). Registration required.
ListenDo! 1.1 (1.7 MB)
A funware to play the drum set by tapping on your keyboard. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. Homepage (look under Fun & Games section).
MacDrumset 1.0.1 (564 KB)
MacOSX Amp
Although MacOS X comes with its own neat little MP3 player, this freeware goes beyond that. You can change the appearance of this MP3 player using the many WinAmp skins. Check it out at the homepage.
MacOSX Amp
Another Napster for Mac users. Although still in development release, it posed no problems while i was trying it out. Read me file. For more information and screenshots check out the homepage.
MacStar (861 KB)
Macster (now Napster)
Napster for MacOS. Napster is an Internet client that allows you to search mp3 files other users are sharing, and download them. This is a free preview release that works excellently. Read me file (PPC only, MacOS 8.1 and above). Screenshots of search and result windows, and navigation toolbar. Napster requires the Carbon lib. Homepage.
Audio playing application that can play almost any file format, from MP3, to Wav, from AIFF, to system 7. Read me file (PPC only). Screenshot of the two types of appearance available: normal window (bottom) and small strip (top). Homepage.
MegPeg (445 KB)
Merry Xmas! from DWB
A singing Christmas card from DWB, with a theme song "Twelve Days of Christmas". Screenshot.
Merry Xmas! from DWB (1.3 MB)
MicNotePad Lite
Speech Recording Software for Macintosh Computers. Ideal for Transcription. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot
MicNotePade Lite 4.5 (341 KB)
A control strip module to control playback of Audio CDs. It has more features than the module provided by Apple. Read me file (PPC and MacOS 8.5 or later). Homepage.
MiniCD4 (382 KB)
mp3 encoder
To encode AIFF files into mp3 files. Also download the SWA Export Xtra (227 KB) from Macromedia. Use only the SWA Export Xtra file. Read me file (PPC only)
Download(44 K)
mpecker Drop Decoder 1.6.4
An utility to decode your mpeg layer 1, 2, or 3 files into AIFF format (PPC only)
Download (230 K)
Read me file
MPLAY Multimedia Player
Will play audio-files such as mp3* (with ID3-tag support), AIFF, WAV as well as video-files such as QuickTime-movies, MPEG and AVI-movies. MPLAY also plays MIDI-files. Basically MPLAY will play all that QuickTime plays, since MPLAY uses QuickTime as playback-engine (PPC only, Quicktime 4 required). Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
MPLAY Multimedia Player (784 KB)
MusicMatch JukeBox
Unlimited CD-quality MP3 Recording (ripper and encoder), Music Library, CDDB support, play MP3 and CDs, themes, and portable MP3 player support. This is the best MP3 related freeware that i have come across. Read me file (PPC, MacOS 8.5 or later). Homepage. Note: You will really have to read the Read me file because the number of things this freeware can do is just incredible (especially when it is for free). Registration is required.
MusicMatch Jukebox 1.01 (2.6 MB)
Convert values for musical use. You can calculate the time stretching to use on a sample if you change the tempo for another, or the number of semi-tone to transpose, the time stretching to apply if you transpose a sample and you don't want to change the duration, the delay in ms to synchronise with BPM, and a tap delay functiun. Tap the beat on you keyboard, and the software tell you what is your tempo. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Visit the homepage (with screenshots).
Music Math 2.1 (730 KB)
Train you music skills, note reading, listening, scales etc. Read me file. Screenshot of types of training available, and actual training window. Homepage.
MusicTrainer (3 MB)
Napster (previously Macster)
Napster for MacOS. Napster is an Internet client that allows you to search mp3 files other users are sharing, and download them. This is a free preview release that works excellently. Read me file (PPC only, MacOS 8.1 and above). Screenshots of search and result windows, and navigation toolbar. Napster requires the Carbon lib. Homepage.
Nice Licks
An innovative software that teaches you to play the different chords on a guitar, and automatic tuning of your guitar (microphone required) Read me file (postcardware). Screenshots of chord and tutorial window , and the guitar tuning window
Nice Licks 1.0 (PPC), 68k (1.9 MB)
NightLight Freeware
A freeware version of Nightingale (a music notation software). NightLight is limited to 4 pages per score file and 9 staves per system.Read me file (for Nightingale but system requirements are the same, PPC and 68k, System 7 or later). Screenshot. Homepage.
NightLIght Freeware (3.5 MB)
The Open Music System (OMS) is the standard for MIDI management. OMS provides detailed descriptions that define your studio setups. Display and edit your MIDI setup on-screen with colorful icons that illustrate connections to MIDI interfaces, sound cards and instruments. OMS allows access your studio by instrument and patch name. (PPC and 68k, System 7 or later). Homepage (download page).
OMS 2.3.8 (3.6 MB)
Pro Tools Free
Pro Tools FREE provides the following capabilities: Record and play up to 8 tracks of digital audio (depending on the capabilities of your computer)
  • Record and play up to 48 MIDI tracks
  • Use non-linear, random-access editing and mix automation
  • Process audio with up to 5 RTAS plug-ins per track, limited only by the capabilities of your computer
  • Use up to 5 inserts and 5 sends per track
  • Route up to16 busses
  • Work with 16-bit or 24-bit sessions (depending on the capabilities of your audio hardware)

Read me file (PPC). Homepage. MacOS 8.6 and later. Registration is required. For those on unreliable internet connections, you can order the CD for less than USD10. The performance of this software is highly dependant on your system configuration. A minimum 128 MB onboard RAM is recommended, and the faster your CPU, the better, of course.
ProTools Free 5.0.1 (12 MB), Documents (9 MB), Soundcheck Demo (17 MB)
PPC only. A stable and great MP3 player with list and skin support. Plays smoothly even when working with other applications. Screenshot. Homepage.
QuickAmp 2.98 (1.1 MB)
A multi-capable player for a wide range of different files. Great streaming channels are also available (eg. watch BBC World News live 24 hours daily)
Registration required, please go to this page
Another Napster or another Macster. Search and download your MP3 files using this freeware. Screenshot. Homepage (PPC and 68k available).
Rapster (580 KB)
Get a free internet phone. Now available for Mac (MacOS8.1 and above). Get more information here. Screenshot of main window. Homepage. As Windows version is also available, you can talk to all your friends.
Really Easy Voice 1.0 (1.2 MB)
Serial Composer
A classical music tool, searches for specified items in 12 tone series (PPC only). Read me file
Download (550 K)
An Internet and desktop "audio" browser. SB allows the playback of Shockwave and MP3 "streaming" audio from custom SB Servers and from FTP sites located on the Internet. Build your own SB Server! SB's desktop area allows the playback of SWA, MP3, MP2, MPG, MOV, AIF, WAV, AU, AVI, MIDI and DV files off of your hard drive. Build, shuffle, save, and load custom playlists. Read me file (PPC). Screenshot. Homepage.
Shockbox (4.8 MB)
Simple QTPlaylist
Make music playlists for your QuickTime player. You can create multiple playlists, save them, and retrieve them for later playing. For example, you can create an office playlist, home playlist, road playlist, etc., and call them back up at the appropriate times. These playlists can consist of MPEG audio files (including .mp3 files), .wav files, Mac sound files, MIDI files, .au files, .aiff files, and any other audio file that Quicktime can read. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage for latest information.
Simple QTPlaylist 1.0 (699 KB)
SoundApp can play and convert sound files from a variety of computer platforms and in many different formats (including MP3, MIDI, WAVE, AIFF)
Download (68K version)

Download (PPC version)

SoundJam MP free
A commercial grade MP3 player is now available free from Casady & Greene. Probably the best MP3 player available for free. Nice additions include equalizer with pre-settings (classical, rock etc), and a built-in alarm clock. You can also try out the encoder part of the software for a limited time period. Screenshot. Read me file (PPC only). Homepage.
SoundJam MP Free (2.8 MB)
Sound Set Constructor
Define your own set of system sounds with this application. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
Sound Set Constructer 1.0b2 (447 KB)
A control panel to randomize the system alert beep. Read me file (OS 7.1 and later). Screenshot. Homepage.
SoundShuffler 2.0 (131 KB)
An utility that can allow you to import tracks from CDs, convert them into other file formats (PPC and 68k). Read me file. Screenshots (CD import window, Conversion window, Types of conversion available).
SoundSmith 1.1.3 (302 K)
A standalone player for the internet radio - SpikeRadio. Screenshot. Homepage.
Spikeradio (885 KB)
A program for converting audio tracks on a CD to AIFF files on a hard disk. Homepage.
TrackTracker Lite
Compile/organize all technical & artistic elements in music production. Read me file. TrackTracker Lite updated to 1.3.1 (download page)
Download (4.1 MB)
Designed to help manage libraries, large or small, of multimedia content. Registration required.  Read me file (PPC only). Screenshots (main window, search options, preferences). Go to the homepage for pdf manual and latest updates.
UGather 2.2.3a (569 KB)
Vamp 1.04
A simple and light MP3 player (PPC only). Note: Incompatible with Ram Doubler
Download (133 K)
Read me file
Free micro version with the same outstanding sound quality and user interface as all koblo's other products (software synthesizers).Screenshot. Homepage. Registration required (go to the homepage, click on members to register).
Vibra1000 2.5 (1.6 MB)
VirtualDrummer 4.0.3
World's greatest drum machine, and it's free!!! (PPC only, MacOS 8.1 and above). Read me file
Download (449 K)
Voice-Controlled Finder
AppleScript scripts to enable voice-control of many Macintosh Finder functions. These scripts extend and in some cases replace scripts provided with the PlainTalk speech recognition software from Apple Computer. Read me file. Homepage.
Voiced-Controlled Finder 1.8 (426 KB)

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