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Mpecker Drop Decoder Version 1.6.4

Copyright © 1998-1999 @Soft, Inc. (A Delaware Corporation) - All Rights Reserved

Updates when released are available at
I can be reached VIA email at

What is this Program?
Very simply, it is a program to automatically convert any MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 LSF layer 1, layer 2 or layer 3 audio file into an AIFF file, Sound Designer II file, or PeeCee Wave file.

It should correctly recognize and decode all ISO-standard mpeg audio files, and is for PowerPC MacOS machines only.

How Do I Use It?
Simply drag your mpeg audio file onto the icon and off goes the program. Have lots of disk space handy, as each minute of audio can occupy as much as 10 MB of disk space!

The decodes are placed in the same folder as the original unless you specify otherwise. To change the destination, double click on the icon and a preferences menu will appear. You can also change the creator type of the destination file here as well.

An error in the input file may or may not produce noticeable distortion or spurious noise in the destination file. Certainly, as errors pile up, the sound quality will suffer, much like scratches on an LP (for those of you old enough to know what an LP is). Using this information, you can decide whether or not you want to keep the file, or try to find a file with fewer (no?) errors.

Changes This Release

This release fixes one bug:

1) Fixes clipping of some samples.

Happy decoding,

Disclaimer/Distribution Rights
This archive and its complete contents may be distributed to any end-user, as long as there is no charge for it. It may not be included in any commercial or "shareware" software release without express, written, non-electronic consent from the author.

Permission is given for distribution on freeware/shareware CD archives as long as:
(1) The archive compilation is made and sold on a non-profit basis;
(2) No modifications are made to the archive or it's contents; and
(3) A copy of the CD archive is forwarded at no cost to the author.

The archive may also be included on CD archives distributed by magazine publishers, provided that:
(1) No modifications are made to the archive or it's contents; and
(2) A copy of both the magazine and the CD archive are forwarded at no cost to the author.

No warranties or guarantees, either expressed or implied, are made with regard to this program, or its output or performance. The end-user accepts this program as is, and use of the program indicates an acceptance of responsibility for any damage occuring as a result of this use.

The user of this program accepts responsibility for obeying all applicable copyright law.

Many thanks to Kyle de Graaf for the icons for the decoder. His web site at has the latest mpeg news and many useful other mpeg audio utilities.

Sound Designer II is a trademark of Digidesign, a division of Avid Technology, Inc.

@Soft, Inc. is a corporation registered in the state of Delaware, and is in no way affiliated with @Soft, makers of MacAmp.

Version History
1.6.4 - 1) Fixed clipping.
1.6.3 - 1) Fixed SD 2 suffixes.
2) Fixed layer II decoding (really).
1.6.2 - 1) Fixed mp2 joint stereo decoding.
1.6.1 - 1) Fixed occasional VBR decoding error
2) Fixed AIFF headers for 48000 Hz files.
1.6 - 1) New huffman decoding routines, faster and more robust error correction.
2) Added PC Wave decoding support.
3) Changed Preferences display.
1.5 - 1) Added VBR support.
2) Some change to support new PowerPlant structures.
3) Some speedups.

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