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*This program is not affiliated with Apple Computer in any way!*

What are the system requirements for AppleCD Exporter?

AppleCD Exporter requires the following two things to be able to run:

System 7.0 or higher
AppleCD Audio Player

Is AppleCD Exporter available specifically for PowerPC Macs or 68k Macs?

AppleCD Exporter comes in three flavors: AppleCD Exporter (68k) -- for older Macs, AppleCD Exporter (PPC) -- for PowerPC Macs, and AppleCD Exporter (FAT) -- for all Macs.

How do I use AppleCD Exporter?

When you launch AppleCD Exporter, the first thing it does is display a dialog box with five check boxes. The check boxes allow you to specify what information you want exported. The check box names are pretty self explanatory and follow the naming conventions used in AppleCD Audio Player. (I am hoping that the ability to copy specific information groupings will allow some flexibility in the design of the spread sheet.)

After you have things set to your liking, click the export button. A message dialog box will come up that indicates the information is being exported to the clipboard and the cursor will change to a watch.

When AppleCD Exporter finishes exporting the information, it will quit. All that is left for you to do is open your favorite spread sheet application, create a new document, and choose
Paste from the Edit Menu. It is as simple as that!

Are there any short-cuts I can use?


To export information you can press return, enter, or command - E.

To quit you can press escape, command - period, or command - Q.

To bypass the export dialog, press the caps-lock key
down before launching the application.

* CAUTION: This feature may cause you to think the program is malfunctioning if you are unaware that the caps-lock key is down! *

The simple logic of the caps-lock short-cut is speed! The only time you need to set up the export dialog is the first because AppleCD Exporter will remember your settings each time after that. Besides, I am willing to bet that some clever person will come up with an Apple Script to automate the whole export process. Then, the caps-lock short-cut will become an easy vehicle through which AppleCD Exporter can be controlled.

What format is the information in when it is placed on the clipboard?

Before I begin, there are two things I should mention. First, the clipboard, as viewed from the Finder, and your spread sheet application interpret tabs and carriage returns in very different ways. The clipboard takes a simplified approach by inserting the equivalent of a space for every tab, and moving to the next line for every carriage return. Your spread sheet, on the other hand, moves one cell right for every tab, and one cell down and all the cells to the left for every carriage return. The format below is intended to align the information gathered with your spread sheet. But don't worry, the clipboard contains a correct copy of the information, it just draws it incorrectly. Secondly, no matter what you choose to copy, or not to copy, one cell is reserved for every piece of information in the file. This means that if, say, you choose not to copy the track numbers, all of the track names will still appear in the second column, just as if you had chosen to copy the track numbers.

The exact format is as follows:

Audio-CD Title/Artist [return]
Track Number [tab] Track Name [tab] [tab] Play List Number [tab] Play List Name [return]
... repeating the above until Track Title or Play List Title runs out (whichever is longer)...

Get it? Got it? Good!
(NO? Well, you will after you try it a couple of times.)

Is a spread sheet the only place I can paste this information?

No. You can paste this information in any application that supports text editing. However, keep in mind that you will have to tweak the spacing in any application besides a spread sheet. So, it may be a good idea to paste the information in an application that can format tab stops across the whole document. Also, be aware of any application that may interpret tab stops and carriage returns in a special way. Otherwise, you may not get the result you were expecting.

To whom do I contact about AppleCD Exporter?

Your opinion is important to me!

My name is

Chris Braun,

and I can be reached at

*** Thank You ***


AppleCD Exporter
version 1.0

By Chris Braun.

*AppleCD Exporter is not affiliated with Apple Computer in any way!*