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AlarmCall is a freeware program which lets you play mp3s or other sound files as alarms. This way you can wake up in the morning to your favorite song instead of an annoying beep.

Note that your computer must be on and must be open in order for the alarm to trigger.

AlarmCall will only work with MacOS 9 or later when using mp3s as the audio source. AlarmCall uses QuickTime to play its sound files, so any file that can be played through QuickTime Player can also be used in AlarmCall.

AlarmCall comes with a stupid, little, bad quality mp3 that you can test it with, if for some reason you don't have your own. Be sure to make sure that the mp3 you plan on using works -- a play bar should appear when one is loaded that can be played.

By default, AlarmCall is set to go off at 6:00 AM on weekdays. You may of course change this time. To set which days you wish to trigger on, click on the "!" button next to the time and hilite the preferred days. Set the file that you wish to wake up to by selected "Set Fileš" from the popup menu in the main AlarmCall window. This popup menu will also display the last ten files that were used so it is easy to switch between your favorite songs. When you quit AlarmCall, it will remember your preferences.

You must be careful with letting your computer go to sleep when waiting for an alarm to sound. There are different levels of sleep, some of which will allow AlarmCall to trigger its alarm, and some which will make AlarmCall miss its alarm. A simple display sleep will work just fine, but closing a laptop cover or pressing the power key and clicking Sleep will both cause AlarmCall to stop working. You should experiment with leaving your computer idle while AlarmCall is ready to make sure you won't miss an alarm.

AlarmCall is freeware, but we of course appreciate any feedback. Please write to for future suggestions on products or bug reports and the what-not. We always welcome new beta testers, so please download the application from our web site if you are interested.

AlarmCall may be freely distributed! In fact, we encourage distribution of it, for it gets us publicity! All we ask is that you please send us an email at telling us which publication or archive or web site it will be on. If it is on a distributed CD or other hard copy, we would always appreciate a copy if possible; see the address on our web site.

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