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InTune Software Presents:

Nice Licks

This new product of InTune Software will bring you hours upon hours of guitar fun and learning. Learn chord by chord, scale by scale, with auto demos, sound bytes for every note or chord and customizable settings for different oriented players. And stay InTune the entire time with the easy to use automatic tuner. This state of the art tuner detects which string is being played automatically - so there's no more tuning
interruptions due to having to change strings on your tuner. And what's more - it's all one application!

This product is available as a freeware download. To register your version, all we ask is that you send a postcard to
Eric Koski
26121 Amherst St.
Dearborn Hgts., MI 48125.

Feel free to also send comments or suggestions that you would like to see in upcoming versions.


Nice Licks displays chords and scales in any key. Choose a key that you want, and then choose either a scale or chord from the scale or chord menu. The scale menu contains basic scales, modes, and exotic scales. The chord menu provides a variety of different scales. The options menu allows you to shut off the sound and/or the animation. It also allows you to change the orientation of the guitar to whatever is easiest for you.

The tuner can be opened from the FILE menu. The tuner will automatically determine which string you are playing, or you can set it if you have some background noise. The tuner might be sluggish with slow machines or if you are using a 68K Macintosh. However, don't forget that it is free, and it will get you in tune even if it is a little jumpy. Hopefully, we can fix this in any upcoming versions.

Also, there are three different help windows that give some definitions and describe notation that our program uses.

IMPORTANT: If you have switched versions of this program, and the newest version doesn't work, delete the NICE LICKS PREFERENCES file from the Preferences folder in the System Folder.

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