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MacStar* DR12

Brought to you by Squirrel Software and third party developers. Read on...

MacStar is a Napster clone for the Macintosh. MacStar lets you easily share and download audio files in the MPEG 2 and MPEG 3 format.

With MacStar, you can search for and download thousands of shared MP3 music files. MacStar also has a built in MP3 player based off code from MacAST which can stream MP3s from a specified server.

MacStar lets you chat with users online in multiple channels (chat rooms) that fit your music taste.

MacStar features a Hotlist where you can keep track of your "buddies" online and message them if they sign on.

What we wanna add:
- File transfer for both types.
- Windows version. (Why?)
- The rest of the Napster features.

Crap, bugs:
- Not all download types work
- If you have a download window open, and you join a channel, expect a crash...sometimes.
- Download window does not show accurate information about downloads.

MacStar is free, but if you would like to send us money, we won't turn your offer down.

Send beer/cash to:

5004 Joseph Ln.
San Jose, Ca 95118

Who made this?

Nick Vellios (NoahFex) -
Andy Raffensperger (Él Raffy) -
George Hinkle (The Curious one) -
Alex Kushner (Captain Kushball) -

Do you have a webpage?

Not an official one yet, but soon it will be at
Until then, check out some of our sites:

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