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MacDrumset 1.0.1

By, Jared MacCleary and Scott Bonner
Special Thanks to Jeff Walker
Copyright © 1998 Jared MacCleary and Scott Bonner
All Rights Reserved

This is Funware
This program was made for the enjoyment of myself and others, and is Funware. Funware means as long as you enjoy it, I'm happy. I'd love to hear your thoughts or ideas about the program and what can be done to improve it. Enjoy, but be careful if you start really pounding on the keyboard you might cause unnecessary aging on the keys and could break your keyboard. I'm not responsible for any damages, however if you do, scan in a picture of yourself and the keyboard and I'll put you on my web page, as "A person who loves this program too much".

What does it do?
Start up the program, and hit a key listed in the control window, then the program plays the corresponding sound. Not every one can afford a drum set just to play around and see what funky beats they can make, so I give you this for free...

Some uses for the Application
* Learn to play the drums on your Computer
* Piss off everyone around you by making them go insane.
* Tap a beat to your Favorite Mp3 or CD (with another program in the back to play the CDs and MP3)
* Get yourself a copy of ResEdit and Switch the sounds out and start playing with your own virtual keyboard.
* Help fill up your extremely big hard drive, if it's already full, then this will force you to weed your drive...

Version 1.0.1 features
*Some internal structure changes to speed things up a little.
*Can run on PPC and 68k now

Version 1.0 features
* 10 Basic Sounds and 2 Rhythms
* Hold Down a key and hear the Computer Roll
* Volume Control
* Hiding/Showing Control Window

Future Versions Features
*Configure Keyboard option
*Configure Sounds- Allows you to select sounds off the hard drive or a resource file and use those sounds
*Network jamming - connect to another person on a network to jam with each other.

Known bugs
I know it's not perfect but lets face it what in life is perfect and free.
If you roll with a long sound (ie. crash symbols, or rhythms#1,2) the sound volume will decrease due to the sounds more or less smothering each other.
*If you find any bugs in this program please email with a description of the bug and the system you are on.

CD-ROM and Web Site info
This must always be included with the program!
You may include this on a CD-Rom however, we get a free copy of the CD-Rom. You must notify us before you make the CD-Rom, in case of Newer Version.
You may put this product on your Web Site as long as this file is included with the program, you notify us prior, and you don't link to our copy on the web. Use some of your own space.

Contact Info
Scott Bonner - (C++ Programmer)
Jared MacCleary - (Idea Man and assistent programmer)

Web Site -

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