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mp3 encoder 0.12

By Johan Lindvall.

Note: this was just a quick hack made in a few hours. I know the interface is poor. But is improving...

Short instructions:

Download SWA Export Xtra from Macromedia at
Extract the archive. Place the SWA Export Xtra in the same folder as the application.
You need to download version 6.0. mp3 encoder is currently incompatible with other versions.

Start the program by double-clicking on it. The encoder settings dialog will appear.

Drag AIFF files on the application to encode them to mpeg layer 3.

The output file is placed in the same folder as the input file and has the .mp3 extension. The non-standard SWA-header which SWA Export Xtra produces is removed.

If the output file already exists, it will be overwritten.

Some tips:

Make sure there is enough disk space on the destination disk.

If you have any problems encoding, try increasing the memory allocated to the program or installing MacsBug. There are a few DebugStrs still left in the code.

Only 16 bit stereo AIFF files have been tested, others might work.

If the application icon won't highlight when files are dropped on it, try rebuilding the desktop.

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