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Macster(TM) 1.0 Preview 1 Build 1

by Blackhole Media

Brief About:
Macster is Napster for MacOS. Napster is an Internet client that allows you to search mp3 files other users are sharing, and download them. More information about Napster is available at

* We plan to release Preview 2 sometime in the next couple months. Preview 2 will support file browsing by user, the second type of download, and channel chat. It will also include any interface enhancements and bug fixes we make.
* Macster will be Carbon compatible.

System Requirements:
* PowerPC Processor running MacOS 8.5 (It is possible, but unsupported to run Macster under MacOS 8.1 if Navigation Services in installed. You can download Navigation Servers from Apple)
* Open Transport 1.1 or better
* Appearance Manager 1.0.1 or better
* Navigation Services

Version History:
* 12/25/199 - 1.0 Preview 1 Build 1
The first public release of Macster.

We have not decided a price for Macster yet. We would like to give it away free, but need to make enough money from it to purchase up-to-date versions of the software we used to create it (This mainly includes CodeWarrior, OTSessionWatcher, and Resourcer). We have considered either a small shareware fee or placing banner advertisements in the application, and selling ads to music related causes. If you have an comments or suggestions about this matter feel free to contact us.

jasta for gnapster.
Gabriele de Simone for Solar Panel.
Everyone at BadMoon for testing, suggestions, and support.

Napster, MacOS, CodeWarrior, OTSessionWatcher, Resourcer, and anything else mentioned are the trademarks and copyrights of their respective authors. Macster is trademark and copyright Blackhole Media.

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