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Simple QT Playlist

What this is

This is simply an application that will play songs in a given order. You can create multiple playlists, save them, and retrieve them for later playing. For example, you can create an office playlist, home playlist, road playlist, etc., and call them back up at the appropriate times. These playlists can consist of MPEG audio files (including .mp3 files), .wav files, Mac sound files, MIDI files, .au files, .aiff files, and any other audio file that Quicktime can read.

Also, I'm not trying to compete with the commercial .mp3 players. I only have simple cataloguing capabilities built into to this program, and it will probably stay that way. I wrote this because I wanted a simple free program for my needs, and probably the needs of most other people also. If you're an .mp3 freak, get one of the commercial programs.

How to use

This is fairly straightforward. A playlist is a document, just like any other Mac document, which can be opened, changed, and saved. Double-clicking on a document will open it (if it is linked correctly). The basic help window in the application and the balloon help detail the different controls and their functions, as well as the ways the Simple QTPlaylist can manipulate playlists. Only one playlist can play at a time.


This is a fairly simple program. It took only two days, and that's because I'm rusty with REALBasic. Also, I save playlists via the files' absolute paths. If you change your folder or startup volume, the playlist is shot. If you notice, the playlist file is nothing more than a series of absolute paths, one to a line. If you are really desperate, you can do a search-and-replace on the file using your favorite text editor.

Finally, the icons are lame and obviously ripped off. I hope Apple doesn't care. I'm not trying to make money off this, anyway.

If you saved a playlist with v1.0, it may not open when you double-click on it in v1.1. Drag the playlist to the Simple QTPlayer icon and resave it (or, if you insist on being geeky about it, change the creator code to "QPLY").


Free. Free to use and distribute.

Version History

1.1 Second release. Squashed some bugs, improved controller interface and "look and feel" of the program, using more sophisticated controls. Improved handling of cases involving missing files. Changed the creator code to comply with Apple's database. Added capability of opening Quicktime® movies, also, so that you can include their soundtracks in your playlist. No movie will show, but the soundtrack will play.

1.0 First release 11/21/99

Legal and Contact Info

Simple QTPlaylist © 1999 John Johnson. Email:

Apple, Quicktime are trademarks of Apple Computer. REALBasic is a trademark of REALSoftware.

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