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SoundJam MP Free v2.0 Read Me

Welcome to SoundJam MP Free.

SoundJam MP Free is the premier MP3 player and manager on the Macintosh. For 14 days and 30 encodings it also provides the full feature set of our complete MP3 player, manager and encoder, SoundJam MP Plus. Make sure to try them all before the 14 days are up and they disappear! After the 14 days you'll still have all the features of SoundJam MP Free.

* Installing SoundJam MP Free
Installing SoundJam is extremely easy: Run the SoundJam MP Installer and restart your Macintosh. That's all there is to it. The SoundJam MP Folder on your hard drive contains everything you need to start playing and making music.

* Requirements
The minimum requirements for SoundJam MP Free are Mac OS 7.6.1 or later, PowerPC 603 processor running at 100 MHz or faster. A Macintosh G3/G4 system is recommended, G4 with Velocity Engine is optimal.

* Documentation
David Pogue, the author of Macs for Dummies, has written an excellent built-in help section which is available from the Help menu. We also encourage you to visit <> for additional help.

* Skins
You can download additional skins by selecting "Get Skins" from SoundJam's Web Menu. Keep in mind that additional skins will only work during the 14 day SoundJam MP Plus demo period.

* Skin Converter converts WinAmp Skins and Audion Faces
The Skin Converter application converts both WinAmp and Audion skins. Simply drop a WinAmp skin folder or an Audion Face Folder onto the Skin Converter icon and a SoundJam MP skin will automatically be created! The Skin Converter requires QuickTime 3 or later.

Some Cool Features of SoundJam MP Plus that Only Work for 14 Days

* Music Conversion
Convert music quickly into high quality MP3, MP2 or AIFF from CD, Sound Input, AIFF, WAV, Sound Designer II, MOD and QuickTime.

* Music Compression
Compress your music collection to a fraction of its size while maintaining near CD quality. Variable Bit Rate (VBR) is supported.

* (New) Convert Records and Tapes
Convert your records and tapes into MP3, MP2 or AIFF files. Transfer your record albums, cassettes, CDs, 8-tracks, voice, etc. directly into MP3 files using the sound input jack of your computer.

* MP3 encoding is optimized for Power Mac G4 with Velocity Engine
SoundJam's MP3 encoder is lightning fast on Power Mac G4 with Velocity Engine based computers. We have seen 10x encoding speed on 500 MHz G4 computers encoding at 320kbps CBR.

* MP3 encoding quality
With its proprietary algorithm for bit allocation, joint stereo encoding and adaptive frequency reduction, SoundJam PM encoding quality is second to none.

* (New) Playlist Composer
Automatically search your entire music library to create custom playlists. For instance, if you are in the mood to listen to just Jazz, SoundJam can scan playlists or folders (including your entire hard drive!) and create a new playlist consisting of only your Jazz music titles.

* (New) Alarm Clock
Use SoundJam to lull you to sleep, or to wake you up in the morning. SoundJam doesn't even need to be running for the alarm clock to work!

* (New) Karaoke
Reduce the vocals from most of your MP3 songs and sing along! Family and friends will love it!

* (New) Connect to Portable MP3 Players
Send your favorite MP3 files to a portable player, a pocket-sized personal music player capable of playing many hours of CD-quality music using a single AA battery.

* Organize your Music
SoundJam's playlist organizes your music by artist, track, song, music style, and others. The converted tracks themselves can be automatically grouped and stored inside album and artist folders for better organization.

* Customize your Playlists
Create your own customized music collections-enjoy having your favorite music at your fingertips. Hierarchical playlists display folders of files when viewing by Album, Artist, Genre and Kind.

* Transparent skins
SoundJam fully supports transparent skins. SoundJam's Skin Converter can even convert transparent Audion skins.

* 10 Band Graphic Equalizer
Control the quality and tone of your music manually or by using one of the preset music styles.

* Customizable Appearance
Choose from a variety of Skins-change the appearance of your SoundJam MP player. You can download additional skins by selecting "Get Skins" from SoundJam's Web Menu.

* Rio 500, I-JAM and Nomad II Connectivity
Send your favorite MP3 files to your Rio 500, I-JAM and Nomad II players. These pocket-sized personal music players are capable of playing many hours of CD-quality music.

* Batch Convert CDs
The "On CD Insert" preference automatically allows rapid encoding of CDs by encoding all songs on a CD when the CD is inserted. After all the songs are encoded the CD will optionally eject allowing you to insert the next CD.

* (New) CDDB Submission
If you have a CD that is not in the CDDB database, be a hero and submit it!

* Visual and Audio Plug-ins
Optional plug-ins display cool visual effects while you listen to your favorite music. There are even plug-ins that improve the audio!

* Upgrade Now!
Upgrade to SoundJam MP Plus now by going to SoundJam MP's web site at <http//>

For Your Information

* Broken File Icons in the Playlist
Playlists point to actual music files which could be located on a hard drive, server or a removable media such as a Zip or Jaz disk. If a playlist can't locate a music file then the icon for that file will appear as a broken file and will not be playable.

Icons in a playlist will appear broken if the files they point to are unavailable. This could happen if you have thrown away a file or it was located on a server or removable disk which is not currently mounted. If you mount the server or insert the removable disk and double-click on the song in the playlist, its icon will change back to a normal icon and be playable again. Icons in a playlist can change back and forth between broken and normal depending on whether SoundJam can locate them when the playlist is opened.

* iMac and SRS Sound
We highly recommend that you disable this option before using SoundJam MP Plus. Enabling the SRS 3D Surround Sound found in the Monitors and Sound control panel will lower the sound quality.

* Playing QuickTime Files
In order to play any QuickTime files, you must have QuickTime enabled in Conflict Catcher or Extensions Manager.

* DrawSprocketLib is Required to Expand Visual Plug-ins to Fill the Entire Screen
Many visual plug-ins are able to fill your entire screen. This feature works only if you drag the DrawSprocketLib file to your System Folder (it will automatically be placed in the appropriate location). You should restart your Macintosh after installing this file. You can find the DrawSprocketLib file in a folder titled DrawSprocket 1.1.4 which is located in the Extras folder.

* Playing Visual Plug-ins at Full Screen
If you expand a visual plug-in so that the window fills your entire screen (by typing command-F), other visual plug-ins which may be running in the background will show through. This is a problem with Apple's DrawSprocketLib file which happens only with Mac OS 8.6 and earlier.

* Using SoundJam MP without G3/G4 Computers
Although SoundJam MP will easily play and convert files, it might not be able to support some or any of the optional plug-in files or equalizers on machines with non G3/G4 processors.

* Streaming QuickTime Files
QuickTime 4.x is required for QuickTime Streaming.

* Using SoundJam MP on 300 MHz G3 Series PowerBooks
The following information is from Apple's Tech Info Library article #24985 available at <>

Apple has identified an issue with certain digital audio software applications including QuickTime Player, SoundJam MP, and MacAmp on some PowerBook G3 Series models. The issue occurs only when one application reads data asynchronously from an audio CD while another reads or writes a file to the hard drive at the same time. This in turn may cause the resulting file to be corrupted.

This issue affects only PowerBook G3 Series models with IBM 8 GB drives. To check for this drive, open Apple System Profiler, select the Devices and Volumes tab, and look at the device at Internal ATA 0. The affected drive has these characteristics:

Vendor: IBM-DYLA-28100 Unformatted Size: 7.63 GB

This issue does not affect the most recent PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze keyboard) model or use of the AppleCD Audio Player. Apple is currently in the process of developing a solution. In the meantime, the issue may be avoided by not using these applications to read audio CDs on PowerBook models with this particular hard drive."

C&G recommends that you contact Apple support for a solution to this problem.


* Register Over the Internet
Register SoundJam MP Plus over the internet by selecting "Register Online..." from the Apple menu while SoundJam MP Plus is open.

* Comments for the development team
If you have any comments/suggestions for the SoundJam development team please post them on the Casady & Greene message board

C&G Information

* Main Address
Casady & Greene, Inc.
22734 Portola Drive
Salinas, CA 93908-1119
(831) 484-9228
(831) 484-9218 (FAX)
Internet email: C&

* Technical Support
We encourage you to use our internet based FAQs and message board located at: <>
(831) 484-9228

* Sales
(800) 359-4920 (US and Canada Only)
(831) 484-9228 (International and US)
(831) 484-9218 (FAX)
8am - 5pm PST Monday-Friday
Internet email:

For all the latest information and software updates for Casady & Greene, visit our World Wide Web site homepage at: <>

(c)1998-2000 SoundStep, Inc. All rights reserved.

SoundJam MP utilizes MikMod Library, a portion of the GNU Library pursuant to the terms of the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 2.1, February 1999, (c)1991, 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc., (The GNU Library is distributed for free public use by the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA (617) 542-5942).

MikMod Library is a sound library that can play various MOD module formats.
(c) 1989 Paul Mikkers, Jake Stine and Miodrag Vallat

A copy of the lesser general public license for the module used as well as the modified source code for the library portion used is available on our web site at: or we will send you a CD with a copy of the modified source code for the library used if you send your name and address, a request for the MikMod CD, and $10.00 to cover shipping and handling to: MikMod Source Code CD, Casady & Greene, Inc., 22734 Portola Drive, Salinas, CA 93908-1119, USA.

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