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Last update: September 25 1999

Welcome to TrackTracker_lite


The installer is the only supported way to install TrackTracker_lite and the only way to distribute it.

Double-click in the installer and follow the instructions: you must agree the license terms to install the application and select the destination of the files.


* 1. Do not click in the auxiliary files or the application will not be registered by the operating system. This might result in errors.

* 2. Do not rename the files.

Updating from a previous version:

Please, read and follow carefully the file: "How to update !READ!"

System requirements:

TrackTracker_lite is compatible with Macintosh and Windows computers:

Macintosh users will need system 7.1 or a higher version, at least 4 mb RAM (8mb RAM recommended).

Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT will need an Intel-compatible 486/33 or a faster computer with at least 8mb RAM.

Windows 3.1 also requires Win32s (included). In this case, it is highly recommended to try thoroughly the freeware version before buying the standard TrackTracker.

Hard disk requirements depend on the amount of stored data, and apart from the minimum equipment required, a powerful computer will improve the performance of the application.


TrackTracker_lite is free, but you can registering it is a good idea.

By registering your application you will have access to technical support, you will be informed about news, updates and you will benefit from other advantages exclusive to registered users.

Registering TracktTacker lite is as free as TrackTracker lite.

Please visit our Web site to register your free copy of TrackTracker lite.

About TrackTracker (standard version):

If your Tracking processes requires more specific data and a complete documentation of the signal path you can purchase the standard version of TrackTracker.

For more information visit our web site.


As a freeware application you can copy and distribute it without warning, but ONLY within the complete installer.

For "mass" distribution (Internet, CDRom or Bundles) please contact us before. We MUST know where is TrackTracker_lite being distributed to maintain it up-to-date.

Contact us:

* TrackTracker Forum:

* Technical support for purchasers of TrackTracker and registered users of TrackTracker lite:

* Sales inquiries:

* General questions and press:

* Web site:

Madrid, Spain
September 1999

The installer for this product was created using Installer VISE from
MindVision Software. For more information on Installer VISE, contact:

MindVision Software
7201 North 7th Street
Lincoln, NE 68521-8913
Voice: 402-477-3269
Fax: 402-477-1395

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