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The True Spirit of Digital Audio

There are two ways to add music, put the tracks in the music folder, or delete the music folder and select a new folder

MegPeg is a audio playing application that can play almost any file format, from MP3, to Wav, from AIFF, to system 7. Its small interface makes it quick, and takes a lower profile than "Brand X" Media players.

PowerMac 120 MHz or faster
4 Megabytes of available Memory
Working Sound Hardware (Duh)

When you think of Digital audio, do you think of high priced audio formats? Of cource not, you think of a free public tool for audio, so why should the software cost it? So MegPeg is free. JDStudios has limited the terms of use, you may not distribute with out a agreement with JDStudios. This means you have to e-mail JDStudios and ask if you can, most cases, you will be granted your wish.

JDStudios and irevel solutions are not legally obligated or responsible for any damage caused by, or when this software is used (don't panic, there is no record of this happening yet).

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