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Mac Freeware
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The following are the new categories. I have added the date i last checked the download links, and any new addition will come with the date when it was added into the archive. Freeware marked orange were good for downloading when i last checked whereas those marked red are either currently unavailable or are no longer freeware (i am trying to look for a freeware copy to upload).

Apple Software Updates:
HyperCard player, DiskTools, Disk First Aid, iMovie, iTunes, MacOS updates and Darwin

How to make use Cascading Style Sheets: an introduction (external link)
How to make your own mp3s using only freeware tools?
Nisus 4.1.6: the 'nicest' word processor (available free)
How to use MacsBug even if you are not a developer?
How to add or increase an application's memory in MacOS?
How to add the Analysis ToolPak in Microsoft Excel?

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