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Virtual Drummer 4.0.3 Notes

by Jon Nichols

Welcome to Virtual Drummer 4.0, the world's best drum machine!

Virtual Drummer is 100% free!

Getting Help
If you're having trouble with Virtual Drummer, go to the Virtual Drummer web site, and read the Virtual Drummer FAQ. If that doesn't answer your question, feel free to email

System Requirements
PowerPC Processor
System 8.1 or greater
Quicktime 3.0 or greater

Contacting Us
We encourage you to send in bug reports, suggestions, and comments about Virtual Drummer. Many of the features in Virtual Drummer are the direct result of feature requests by users.

If you'd like to distribute Virtual Drummer, please send us mail. We rarely reject requests, but it does give us an opportunity to see where the software will be available.

email :

www :

Have fun!

The Virtual Drummer Team

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