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ShockBox(SB) is an Internet and desktop "audio" browser. SB allows the playback of Shockwave and MP3 "streaming" audio from custom SB Servers and from FTP sites located on the Internet. Build your own SB Server! SB's desktop area allows the playback of SWA, MP3, MP2, MPG, MOV, AIF, WAV, AU, AVI, MIDI and DV files off of your hard drive. Build, shuffle, save, and load custom playlists.

New in Version 1.3:

* Support of Internet advertisement standard: size 392x72 pixels
* Revised interface
* Each displayed CD image during playback may be a hyperlink to a URL
* General speed improvements, more responsive
* Minor bug fixes

System Requirements:
* PowerPC Macintosh (100mhz) with 6MB memory
* or Windows 95/98/NT (100mhz) with 6MB memory
* 56k modem connection or higher
* Quicktime 4 required

Visit for the latest version of
ShockBox for Macintosh PPC & WIN95/98/NT

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