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About MPLAY Multimedia Player:

MPLAY is a multimedia player for Macintosh. MPLAY will play audio-files such as mp3* (with ID3-tag support), AIFF, WAV as well as video-files such as QuickTime-movies, MPEG and AVI-movies. MPLAY also plays MIDI-files. Basically MPLAY will play all that QuickTime plays, since MPLAY uses QuickTime as playback-engine.
(* mp3-playback requires QuickTime 4 to be installed)

* If MPLAY is not launched, dropping valid files on it's icon in the Finder will launch MPLAY, add the files to the playlist and begin playback.

* When MPLAY is active, drag files to the playlist-box (or to it's icon in the Finder) to add to the playlist. If no item in the playlist is highlighted, the new items will be appended to the bottom of the playlist. If an item is highlighted, the new items will be INSERTED BEFORE the highlighted item. Click on the Play-button to begin playback. The next item in the playlist will start playing automatically when the current item is finished playing.

* Use the Next and Previous-buttons to skip songs/movies. The Previous-buttons will jump back to the beginning of the current item if more than 3 sec have been played, otherwise it will jump to the previous one (basically just like a regular CD-player works).

* For fast access within a song/movie, use the slider. You may click anywhere within the slider-area to fast-position the slider, or drag the slider to the desired spot.

* The volume can be changed with the Volume Up / Down buttons.

* Playlists may be saved and loaded from within the playlist-window or from the Filemenu, or you may simply double-click on a playlist in the Finder..

* Click on the songname (if playing a mp3-file) repeatedly to switch between filename, ID3 songname, ID3 artist and ID3 album (in that order).

* Click on the counter to switch between current time/remaining time.

* Quickkeys are: SPACEBAR - begin playback/Pause, LEFT ARROW - Previous item in playlist, RIGHT ARROW - Next item in playlist, ENTER/RETURN - Start/Stop playing, +/- - Incr/Decr volume, 0-7 - Set sound volume. These quickkeys also work in Fullscreen-mode.

* Choose "Miniature-mode" (Cmd+M) in the Windows-menu or click the collapse-icon in the windowbar. NOTE: You must hold down the Command-key when you click on the namearea or the counterarea to change information. All normal quickkeys work in Miniature-mode. Click the collapse-icon in the windowbar again to exit Miniature-mode.

* Holding down the Command-key while clicking the Play-button, choosing "Fullscreen-mode" (Cmd+F) in the Windows-menu or clicking the maximize-icon in the windowbar will activate the "Fullscreen-mode". All normal quickkeys work in Fullscreen-mode. To exit Fullscreen-mode press the Esc-key or click anywhere with the mouse.

The "Mix-In"-function:
* Double-clicking on a song in the playlist while holding down the Command-key or choosing "Mix-In Window" (Cmd+X) in the Windows-menu will bring up the "Mix-In"-popup. Set a desired value to mix songs together. The value determines the time left of the current song when playback of the next song should start. Clicking outside the popup or pressing Return will close the Mix-In popup. The Mix-In value will be visible in the playlist between the songname and the songlength. Pressing Escape will close the popup without changing the Mix-In value.
The "Mix-In"-function does not work on movies. Mix-In values are stored in the playlist. Max value is 19 secs.

The Dual-LED mode:
* This function can only be activiated IF THE CURRENT SKIN SUPPORTS IT. By clicking on the LED you may switch to/from Dual-LED mode. In this mode the activity of the two separate playback engines in MPLAY is visually displayed.

- PowerPC
- Mac OS 8.x
- QuickTime 4
- 8 Mb free memory

DISCLAIMER ("the fineprint"):
MPLAY is freeware and provided as is. As the author I take no responsibility for any problems that this application may cause. Run it at your own risk (although it seems pretty stable!). You should, however, save any open documents before running any beta-application.

If you plan to re-distribute MPLAY please note that it must be distributed as it was packaged when you downloaded it. Most important is that you DO NOT REMOVE OR ALTER the original skin (Classic) from the skins-folder. This is the original appearance of MPLAY and I want it to remain that way.

I would like to thank all of you that keep sending me suggestions and bug-reports! Special thanks to Jeremy and Dan for their interest and suggestions!



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