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Coaster Version 1.0.6

Coaster is a little direct-to-disk recording utility writing standard AIFF files. It features setting of input source, sample rate and sample size, mono/stereo selection, input gain (stereo where available), accurate level meters with headroom indication, clipping detection. Further features: click elimination, automatic recording based on incoming signal level with file splitting, and manual file splitting on the fly; balloon help; supports AppleScript (timer recording script included). Performs very well in the background.

System Requirements:
MacOS 8 or later (or System 7.1 or later with Appearance Extension - not included!), Sound Manager 3.x with Sound Input Manager compatible sound input hardware. Runs both on 68K and PPC machines. Needs a monitor with 256 colors or 16 grayscales; 5MB of free RAM.
**Requires Appearance Manager**

Coaster 1.0 is Freeware.

Christian Roth <>
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Last updated: Aug 08, 1999

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