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Release Notes

1.04 August 19, 1997
* Added an alternate color display, for those who like it :-) Click AND HOLD the mouse button on the display for the cool live popup. Thanks to Frogger for the graphics. Takes time to get used to, but it was the best of several proposal from different users.
* Added a pause feature. The display will blink while it pause.
* You can remove a file from the playlist menu by holding the option key while selecting its name in the menu.
* Added a 'Low priority' mode, for the people who actually want to use their mouse on slow machines. I don't see why they would, but... In any case, using that mode may generate sound cuts.
* Fixed a bug that prevented small files (less that 160Kb) to play.
* After a lot a hacking, I'm pretty sure it's NOT possible to remove completly the little click that you can ear between song sometime.
* Moved some of the menu items around.
* Compiled with CWPro 1.

1.03 April 30, 1997
* You can drop files on vamp display, not only on the icon.
* A data underflow could happend in the first few seconds of playing under heavy IOs.
* Added an option to disable file type&creator automatic change.
* Some integrity checks to prevent distribution of unofficial versions.
* The About Box is now silent, and let the LCD display some time to refresh itself.
* Spent some time in photoshop to redesign Vamp icons.
* REALLY removed the little blip between songs.
* Vamp now has an optional 4 seconds delay between songs. Helps a lot when I record MiniDiscs !
* Vamp now has a preference file.
* Display the grand total time of play in the about box ;-)
* Force (or at least try to) the sound output quality to 44kHz, and restore the previous value before quitting.

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