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A strategy board game where the main objective is to push your opponents marbles off the board. Read me file. Homepage. Click here for screenshot.
Abalone (271 KB)
A space invader type game with Mac-Windows theme (PPC and 68k). Screenshot.
AlienInvaders (FAT) (472 KB)
An arcade-like game where you navigate a spacecraft along different geometrical patterns while avoiding and shooting at obstacles. Only wire-based graphics here but the game play is both exciting and addictive. Sounds great too. Try it out. Read me file (PPC or 68k). Screenshot.
Arashi 1.1.1 (311 KB)
An excellent card game for the Macintosh. Your goal is to be the first one to get rid of all of your cards. The last one to go out will become the Asshole. There is also a version without networking in the homepage. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
Asshole 1.1.1 (1.3 MB)
A whatever you want ware of an old backgammon game. It still runs on my MacOS 8.1. Although monochrome, it looks quite good on my screen. Click here to look at the screenshot. Play options include against another opponent or against the computer (PPC and 68k). Only 22 KB, download it now!
Backgammon 2.0 (22 KB)
A fine game to kill some time with (especially for baseball fans). Try to get as many hits and runs as you can (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. Homepage (in English). Original homepage (in Japanese).
Baseball 1.3 (404 KB)
Bingo Caller
A hypercard stack bingo caller that allows everyone to play bingo. Read me file. Screenshot. Requires Hypercard Player (probably in your Apple Extras folder) or you can look for it here. Homepage.
Bingo Caller 1.0 (73 KB)
Bill the Demon
A maze-like game where the game character moves around eating up souls and defeating monsters (PPC and 68k). Read me file. Screenshot.
Bill the Demon (0.9 MB)
Blackjack Solitaire
A great blackjack game. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshots of startup window, and main game window. What it's worth ware (a polished and entertaining game that is definitely worth more than a postcard).
Blackjack Solitaire 1.0 (432 KB)
Bob vs The Aliens--26th Jan 2001
A simple game where you move Bob across many levels fighting aliens and monsters. Bob jumps, runs and shoots yellow balls of laser. This game is fast, and can be quite difficult. Screenshot (68k and PPC). Homepage.
Bob vs The Aliens 1.4 (497 KB)
Bobby Reversi 3.7
A board game where a player places his move so that oponent's piece(s) are surrounded by his, then the pieces nipped will be reversed (PPC and 68k). Screenshot of main window
Bobby Reversi 3.7 (55 K)
Brickoids Deluxe
A fast and fun arcade game where you control a paddle and hit all the bricks with a ball. Screenshot of main window.
Download (516 K)
Captain Bumper--13th Jan 2001
A fun "Arcade Style" game, with blasting fast animation. A surprisingly stable preview release of a shareware. Read me file (PPC only). Screenshot. Homepage.
Captain Bumper 0.87 (13 MB)
Card Shell Vol 1
The first of a series of solitaire card game releases includes The Chance, The Garden, The Giant, and The Republic. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshots of The Chance, The Garden, The Giant, The Republic. Visit the homepage
Card Shell Vol1 1.0.1 (319 KB)
Card Shell Vol 2
The second series of solitaire card games includes The Prince, The Smith, and The Towers. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshots of The Prince, The Smith, and The Towers. Visit the homepage
Card Shell Vol2 1.0.1 (272 KB)
If you like UNO, then try this freeware. Screenshot.
Carte 1.0 (308 KB)
Casey's Solitaire
A solitaire variant requiring lots of skill and luck. The toughest solitaire game that i have encountered. It is said to be based on 'Auld Lang Syne'. Screenshot. Read me file (PPC and 68k versions are available). Homepage.
Casey's Solitaire 1.1 PPC (1.1 MB), 68k version
A small application that puts a cat on your desktop. It makes different noises and faces when clicked at different parts of the cat. Screenshot. Homepage. 2.7 PPC (763 KB), 68k
or Commando Combat Arena. Quite an entertaining game which you can play against either another opponent or the computer. The pace of this game is quite fast and fun. Jump, collect bonuses, avoid your opponents bullets, and shoot at your opponent too. Different mazes are available. Read me file (PPC or 68k). Screenshot. Homepage.
CCA (417 KB)
A checkers game with colour. Screenshot.
Checkers 0.25 (141 KB)
A multi-player chess game that is playable over the internet or a LAN. Has its own tracker. Go to its homepage to learn more. Screenshot of main window.
Download (690 K)
Read me file
Christmas Frog
A Christmas theme game where you manouver a small green frog across busy traffic and flying obstacles, and look for hidden Christmas treasures. The midi tracks are great, very Christmassy. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
Christmas Frog 1.0 (627 KB)
Cricket 3.0
An impressive bowling sequence derived from the real-life action of a world famous test bowler (PPC and 68k). Read me file. Screenshots (Bowl,   game in session, results window). Although this is not a full version (only two teams), i think its entertaining, and quite fun
Cricket 3.0 (657 K)
A small application that puts a dog on your desktop. It makes different noises and faces when clicked at different parts of the dog. Screenshot. Homepage. 1.0 PPC (738 KB), 68k
A modified version of Othello (PPC and 68k). Homepage (screenshot and more information). Postcardware.
Domain 1.0 (336 KB)
A multi language domino game. Read me file. Screenshot.
Domino 1.4a (153 KB)
This version of Dominoes is a version of "Muggins". Points are scored by tallying up the number of pips at the end of each built chain. Homepage (screenshot and more information). Postcardware.
Dominoes 1.2 (208 KB)
Enemy Bomber Balloons
A shoot-'em-up in the classic style, with the refreshingly simple object being to blast those balloons before they get you with their bombs
Go here to read about this game annd also to download it (426 K)
A Chinese Checker game. Read me file (available in both English and French). Screenshot of preferences, game window.
Etoile 2.0 (310 KB)
ExaChess Lite
Lite version of a powerful chess-database program for the Macintosh with many features. Use it to manage a database of hundreds of thousands of master games, as a chessboard to play through games, as a tool to record and annotate your own games, to play games against the computer, or to play perfect endgames (PPC and 68k). Read me file. Screenshot of main window.
ExaChess Lite 1.2 (896 K)
An Othello game (both French and English language available). Screenshot. Homepage.
FlipSide 1.4 (391 KB)
Foreign Fruit Invaders
A "Shot'em up"-game, in the Space Invaders genre, with a gun at the bottom of the screen and various enemies attacking from the top (PPC and 68k). Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage for more information.
Foreign Fruit Invaders 1.0 (1 MB)
Free Casino
Play two slot machines and one keno on this freeware. Registration with email address required (PPC). Screenshot. Homepage.
Free Casino 1.3 (2.9 MB)
Funky Poker
A simple video poker game for your PowerMacintosh computer. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
Funky Poker 1.0.0 (355 KB)
A game utility to find players for online internet games. List of games playable online (PPC). Screenshot. Homepage.
GameRanger (140 KB)
Tron-like light cycle game with a 3D view, 1-4 players) Read me file (4 MB VRAM, OpenGL required, MacOS9). Homepage for more instructions and screenshots.
glTRON (700 KB)
Glypha III
Fly and joust in a Sphinx-like environment. Screenshot.
Glypha III 1.0.1 (387 KB)
GNUChess 3.0
A Mac port based on the GNU Chess. Read me file. Screenshot of main window.
GNUChess 3.0 (132 K)
Grand Teton Tetris
A tetris-like game. See the screenshot here. Homepage.
Grand Teton Tetris updated to 1.7.1 (524 KB)
Read me file
When the Gravite control panel is installed, dragged objects (Finder icons, image clips...) behave according to laws of mechanics such as gravity, inertia and friction. Read me file (PPC only, for 68k the link is for version 1.5). Homepage
Gravite 2.0 PPC (82 KB), 68k
Hakoiri Musume
Similar to the slide-puzzle but definitely more difficult to solve. Very challenging game. Different themes are available (PPC and 68k), Screenshot. Homepage (in English). Original homepage (in Japanese).
Hakoiri Musume 0.22 (202 KB)
Halloween Pumpkin Bash
Shoot them pumpkins! Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage
Halloween Pumpkin Bash (430 KB)
A simple trivia game without colour and sound effects, but do provide a nice diversion (both 68k and PPC)
Download (68 K)
Read me file
Hangman (another version)
A freeware version of the Hangman game built with RealBasic. Read me file (feedback ware). Screenshot. Homepage.
Hangman 1.3.3 (682 KB)
A freeware game similar to the Hearts game bundled in the Windows OS. Read me file (including manual, PPC and 68k, feedbackware). Screenshot. Homepage.
Hearts (140 KB)
A game where you manovuer a space craft in order to shoot asteroids and collect bonus points. The game is well designed with good graphics and sound effects. Although the game is a little old (1993), it runs just fine on my G3 (MacOS 8.1). Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot.
Hemiroids 1.1 (352 KB)
Hover Duel
A one or two-player, freeware game for the Macintosh in which each player controls a hovercraft and attempts to destroy the other with a variety of weapons. Screenshot of main window is here.
Download (169 K)
A simple puzzle program that features the iMac! Scramble and unscramble those tiles. Read me file. Screenshot.
iPuzzle 1.0 PPC (66 KB), 68k (64 KB)
A game similar to MindReader, except this game uses words. You can choose from five or six word combinations. Pretty tough game (for me). Screenshot.
Jotto (231 KB)
Kognix--10th Jan 2001
Kognix is an elegant puzzle game for the Macintosh which promises to keep puzzle solvers of all skill levels on their toes. It combines a classic brain-teaser with beautiful graphics and gentle sound effects. Screenshot of the Kognix game. Homepage.
Kogniz (359 KB)
A plain and simple checkers game  (no colour) against your computer (both 68k and PPC). An old game that still works great. Screenshot of main window.
Download (12 K)
MacChess is a free, master-strength Mac chess program. Screenshot of main window.
Download (396 KB)
Mac Football Manager 2.2
A great, and free soccer simulator that manages a team from an English division. Screenshots of start up window, games, results. Read me file
Download (768 K)
A highly addictive game, where the object is to pair off or group all the tiles. Screenshot
Download (84 K)
MacMoorhun--17th Feb 2001
A shooting game for bird hunters. Very professionally created with beautiful graphics and sound effects. Screenshot. You have to get the data files from this link (2.1 MB). Move the gfx.dat (graphics data file) and sfx.dat (sound effects data file) files into the MacMoorhurn 1.1.2 folder.Download page (in German). Homepage.
MacMoorhurn 1.1.2 (263 KB)
A port of the popular Linux puzzle game Gnome. The object is to eliminate matching animated balls to achieve a high score (PPC and 68k, OS 7.6 and above).
Download (534 K)
Read me file
A wheel of fortune like game. Screenshot.
MacToons (1.2 MB)
Snake game where you try to navigate a 'snake' to collect points while avoiding the walls, and the snake's tail. The better you get at this, the longer the snake becomes. Quite a good way to kill a few minutes of your time. Check out the preferences available. Read me file. Screenshots of game window and of preferences available. Homepage.
MacSnake 1.3 (760 KB)
Magic Number--26th Jan 2001
A computer version of the trick where you think of a number between 1 to 50, and the computer will guess the number out. Read me file (68k and PPC) (open source). Homepage.
Magic Number 1.2.1 (688 KB)
Master Mind
The classic game on Hypercard. Read me file (require Hypercard Player). Screenshot.
Master Mind 2.6.1 (228 KB)
Mega Minesweeper
Easy and powerful. With field sizes up to 32,767 x 32,767, custom graphics via themes, different size boards, and custom sound effects (MacOS 8.1 and later). Read me file. Screenshot. Visit homepage for latest developments.
Mega Minesweeper 0.9.7b1 (525 KB)
Mega Pong
Pong was the first electronic video game EVER! So... it's really a classic! This game is kind of electronic Ping-Pong. Each player controls a "paddle" and uses it to hit the ball. Read me file. Screenshot.
Mega Pong (772 KB)
Mines is a very nice Mac clone of the PC game called MineSweeper. Screenshot.
Download (84 K)
MineSweeper Pro
Play MineSweeper on Macintosh without the use of modifier keys! Also, you can customize the board size to up to 10,000 pieces. Enjoy this classical game with exiting stereo sounds and great graphics! And when you're tired of playing, save the game as a file and resume playing whenever you want (System 7.0 and later). Read me file. Screenshot.
MineSweeper Pro 2.0b (399 KB)
Although modelled from brick and paddle game, great effort has been put into the graphics, audio, and game play. Very addictive. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage. Also available here. (PS: The manual is in English, whereas the game is in Japanese. After double clicking on the game icon, choose 256 colours. Press command N for new game, and command Q to quit. That is all. Game play is well documented in the manual, but if you don't like reading manuals, just move your mouse and enjoy.)
MozPong 1.0.5 (862 KB)

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