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BINGO Caller v1.0 ©1999 Andy Burns

BINGO Cards v1.0 @1999 Andy Burns

One day we were having some company over and were pondering what games they might enjoy. I thought about Bingo. But, someone always has to be the caller, not letting them take part in the fun.

BINGO Caller was created to fill this gap. It's a hypercard stack. It requires Hypercard 2.3.5 or greater and Apple's speech technology to work. Apple's hypercard player and speech software are available for free at if necessary.

BINGO Caller is a big hit with the guests!!! It's fun for children and adults alike. It's good clean fun for your entertainment! We give the children candy as prizes. The adults all want money.

The best setup, if your mac isn't equipped with quality speakers, is to have a connection from the audio-out jack on your mac connected to an audio-in on a home stereo.

Before you play Bingo, click on the "Delay" button to set the time (in seconds) for the caller to pause between numbers.

Once the game is underway, and someone yells "Bingo", hold the mouse down until BINGO Caller announces "Someone has bingo!..." Now you can inspect the card and validate the winning numbers by comparing them to the hilighted buttons on the screen. If it's a winner, you can either click the "Clear" button to reset the board or click "Begin" then "New" to start another game. If the numbers are not correct, press "Begin" and "Continue" to pick up where you left off.

If you want, you can let the Mac play along. Click the right arrow button to display the Mac's bingo card and click the Yes button. It's funny to watch the players when the Mac declares "I have Bingo"!!!

The accompanying stack "BINGO Cards" lets you generate Bingo game sheets. They print four games to a page. You can trim them or play a sheet at a time (like the pros do).

Use a high-quality voice and adjust the speech rate to your liking.

Click on the BingoCaller logo to get addition help and info.

If you find any problems or have questions, comments or suggestions, send me an email.

BINGO Caller and BINGO Cards are freeware.


Andy Burns

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