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Foreign Fruit Invaders

970816 Olle Welinder

Foreign Fruit Invaders is a "Shot'em up"-game, in the Space Invaders genre, with a gun at the
bottom of the screen and various enemies attacking from the top.

The program runs under MacOS, version 7.0 or higher. It req. a 8-bits color-screen, 14" or
bigger, 68040- or PPC-processor.

For help and more infomation use:
1) Help-function, avalilable from the File-menu

2) Check out the ForeignFruitInvaders website ( )
(C) Copyright Olle Welinder, 1997. All Rights Reserved.
Licensed Materials - Property of Olle Welinder

It is free for non-commercial use. The game may be distributed freely by non-profit
organizations, provided that this copyright, permission and disclaimer notice appear on
all copies and supporting documentation but only in unchanged form. Commercial distributors
may distribute the game if they send me a copy of the final product (including CD-ROMs,
magazines with enclosed diskettes etc).

Olle Welinder makes no representations about the suitability of this software for any purpose.
This program is provided "as is" without any expressed or implied warranties, including,
without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular


980418 Release 1.0.0:

* At last: The first official release.
980121 Release 0.6.1:

* Fixed the enemy's problem with turning it's direction .
* Reduced enemy fire-power a little.
980120 New and enhancements in release 0.6.0:

* New style for presentation of scores and level.
* Animated loading of a new gun.
* The enemy holds his fire until your gun is ready for action.
* New layout for the helpsystem, HighScore-window and the Aboutbox.
* And some more that I don't bother to write about.
971214 News in release 0.5.2
1. Sound for the car.
2. Improved error-handling and cosmetic changes.
3. Cleaning up the code (Mostly transparent to the users)

NOTE ! If you are uppgrading from 0.5.0 or 0.5.1:
Due to an erlier misspelling I had to rename the preference-file to "ForeignFruitInvaders Pref", if
you want to keep your old settings and HighScores rename the old pref-file to the new name. (
you find in your "SystemsFolder:Preferences") It's the same file-format, just another name.

971116 News and enhancements in release 0.5.1

1. Patches and fixes to improve misc. sprite behavior.
2. Made "Reposition of the mouse" optional, because there is a slight chance that this feature
may cause crashes in future releases of MacOS.

971026 News in release 0.5

1. Settings and score are now stored in a preferencefile, placed in Systemfolder:Preferencefolder
instead of the application itself. Your settings will now be keept intact while updating FFI, and
no more problems having the application stored on a read-only volume.

2. A more fancy look on the score-panel. This is a optional feature. You may want to turn it
off on a low-end computer.

3. The timer is now represented by "your neighbour's car", if you take too much time to finish one
level a HotRod will run you down. Approches from the left, soundless so far.

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