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ReadMe Document for HANGMAN version 1.4 *****

********** Distributed as Freeware. - 1996 **********

* Mac Plus or better
* System 6.03 or later

----- ABOUT HANGMAN -----
HANGMAN was created...
* on a Macintosh Classic, Performa 550, Performa 638CDV
* using Microsoft QuickBASIC 1.0 and Staz Software's FutureBASIC II
* by Al Staffieri Jr.

HANGMAN is Freeware. You may distribute as many copies as you like, as long as you do not modify the application, do not charge a fee, and this ReadMe document is distributed with the application.

Send comments, suggestions, and bug reports to:

Visit my Web page for more of my software:

Al Staffieri Jr.
15 Gilbert Court
Williamstown, NJ 08094

* 1.0 - 3/25/93 - First complete version. Includes 1461 words.
* 1.1 - 9/15/93 - Fix bug letting user quit while "CONGRATS" window was being displayed.
* 1.2 - 2/4/94 - Add more words, bringing total to 2003. Create totally new HELP window and fix bug that was incorrectly refreshing screen when HELP window was displayed between games. Fix minor bug with a GOSUB/RETURN after refreshing screen.
* 1.3 - 5/16/94 - Add tournament option. Windows are now horizontally centered on any size screen. Create new sounds for better System 7 compatibility.
* 1.4 - 10/11/96 - Converted to Staz Software's FutureBASIC II. Compatible with Macs having more than 16Mb of RAM. Removed an incorrectly spelled word (total is now 2002). Show current player's name in window title during tournaments. Improved sounds for System 7.x (may sound worse on older Systems).

----- HELP -----
You must guess an unknown word by choosing letters to spell the word. For every wrong guess, a part of your man gets hung. When a word is guessed correctly, BONUS points are scored and a new round begins. The computer will then generate a new word and you will recieve a new man (no longer be hanging). The game continues until your man is completely hung.

You are initially allowed ten wrong guesses in each round before being hung. The amount of wrong guesses allowed will drop by one after every five rounds.

Points are scored as follows :
* 10 points for each correct vowel (A,E,I,O,U).
* 20 points for each correct consonant.
* (20 * ROUND No.) BONUS points after each round for every guess remaining for that round.

The game ends only when your man is completely hung. Your final score is then compared to the top ten scores. If your score is in the top ten, you will be asked to input your name. Your name and score will then be placed in its proper position on the "High Scores" list.

The Tournament option allows up to four players to compete against each other. When you select "Tournament" from the "File" menu, a window appears asking for the players' names and the number of rounds to be played. Each player plays one at a time until they either get hung or finish the selected amount of rounds. When the tournament has ended, the players' scores will be shown in a special window in order of ranking.


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