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MineSweeper Pro 2.0 beta

Read Me

Announcing the release of brand new MineSweeper for Macintosh! MineSweeper is a simple puzzle game which you may be familiar with from Microsoft Windows. But MineSweeper Pro is not just another "MineSweeper" as you know it. Now you're free to play MineSweeper on Macintosh without the use of modifier keys! Also, you can customize the board size to up to 10,000 pieces. Enjoy this classical game with exiting stereo sounds and great graphics! And when you're tired of playing, save the game as a file and resume playing whenever you want.

New features since version 1.0:
* Able to save game unless it's close to being finished.
* New comfortable interface, using Mac's single-button mouse.
* Safe Start eliminates trial and error at the beginning of games.
* Small and large sizes of cells are now available.
* New "Auto Tracking" option, while holding down the mouse button.
* Options to beep when too many flags are marked accidentally.
* New refined stereo sounds are installed.
* New optional background music files are now available! Visit my web page (see below) to download them.
* New document icons -- you may have to rebuild the desktop file to see them.
* New "Japanese Instructions" file, a digest manual written in Japanese.

System requirements:
* System 7.0 or later
* any Macintosh (I hope)
* Works best with 256 colors/grays monitor settings.
* 1600 KB of free memory space

I give permission to redistribute this program, so long as there are no changes made to it. Please tell me if you include and/or review this program for publication.

Kentaro Tanida
Please visit my web page:
(via Japanese server)
(via US server)

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