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ARASHI 1.1.1 (release January 13, 1994)

(This game requires 256 colors or grays to run.)

ARASHI is freely distributable as long as it is not for profit. If Arashi is
distributed on CD-ROM, sending a complimentary copy to all the authors would be nice :-) ....

A *quick* overview to what is new....

on-line documentation and new splash screen
game script
bug fixes (many)
game save/load
doomsday levels
compatibility with Sound Manager 3.0 (Juri fixed a bug!)
and many more small things (and I'm sure I forgot something big too....)

Really there are too many changes to be listed :-) Read the manual (new) and
the on-line help (new). If you think something is different from Arashi 1.0....
it likely is....

Thanks to guys who tested: Chris, Colin, Gann, Sam, Greg, Ken, Nick, hope I haven't
overlooked anyone...

Thanks also to Gann Matsuda and Ken Lui for many game play hints.

Bug reports...
You can try to send me (Mike) any reports of bugs, since they are likely
to be in the new thingees, which means I am responsible (sigh). BUT, my
internet access will soon get testy while I re-locate so if I dont answer
send them on to Juri. (email addrs given in on-line ABOUT)

[Juri's comment: Better send bug reports to both of us. I still care about
this project and I wrote the GameCompiler/scripting language for this

(File below was included with version 1.00)

First things first, you will notice that the name has changed. This was done due to a
request from a Mac company which was already using the name for something else.

What is different about this version (from STORM 0.91b)...

a) it already includes the awesome new LEVL's from Chris E. Yaryan which were added
and modified (added lvType=0) to work with the ARASHI code which is slightly newer
than the version of STORM 0.9B1 which has been available on most of the major
ftp sites.

b) it was compiled from the ARASHI-source code available by ftp at in the
pub/mac/think-c/code directory courtesy of Juri Munkki and the rest of the
development team (thanks all).

Changes in 1.0

What you should see.....(I hope)

Free life every 20,000, screen blinks (cycles colors), new sound.

New sound for superzap.

Starting bonus at end of first cleared level. Displayed above level during level
selection. Max of one free life can be earned from a starting bonus.

Arcade mode : Start first game on any odd level up to level 9. Start following games
at highest odd level cleared in previous game.

Practice mode : Start at any odd level up to 96. Tallies of enemies left appear in
upper right corner of the screen. *Hi-scores from Practice mode are not saved.*

Bonus at the end of levels (none at early levels).

New title and Game Over animation sequences.

New icons (thanks Colin).

New opening PICT (thanks Chris).

Pause dialog (press P). Can change keyboard controls from this dialog.

Sound control keys were changed to '+' and '-' to avoid conflict with people using the
SHIFT key to play.

Several *gasp* bug fixes. :-)

About the bonuses...
You do not receive the bonus until the start of the next level to make sure that you did
not die by hitting a spike after clearing the level. Also the Start bonuses are guesses
(somewhat with basis) as to what you would have earned by playing up to that level
from level 1. There is some probability involved, eg. did you shoot all of those
Spikers on level 22, etc, but hopefully they are good approximations.

Thanks to Chris for the levels, Colin for extra play testing and the nifty icon, and
especially Juri for answering all of my inane questions.