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Welcome to MegaPong World Tournament!

Have you ever dreamed of a well done pong with cool graphics, hyper-realistic sounds and killer music? Now, you've got it, and best of all - it's free!

What is Pong?

Pong was the first electronic video game EVER! So... it's really a classic! This game is kind of electronic Ping-Pong. Each player controls a "paddle" and uses it to hit the ball.

What is the MegaPong World Tournament?

The year is 2010... A mad scientist has captured the last two specimens of a rare animal species. He has threatened the whole world to kill the animals if no one beats him at his favorite game: Pong! So, he's organized a worldwide tournament and you are invited. You were one of the best players in the late 70's and the US government is counting on you to save the day.

(spoiler below!!!)

NOT! It's just another cool pong!

Sytem requirements

In order to play the game, you must have Macintosh Sytem 7.1 with the Sound Manager 3.0 or higher or Macintosh System 7.5. Also, you must have a 256 colors capable monitor with a minimum resolution of 640*480.

The game runs fine on PowerMacintosh.

About the authors

Programming: Jean-François Nadeau
Graphics: Félix Lapointe

Special thanks

Kenneth Trueman
Carl-Frédéric De Celles
Stéphane-Billy Gousse
Ludovic Nicolle
Pierre Paquet
Michel-Étienne Fortin
Jean-David Lafrance


You may play a one or two player game (select this option in the Options menu). Key selection is done via the "Set Keys" dialog. You may choose the maximum amount of points in a match by choosing the "Points per Match" item in the Options menu.

You may abort a game currently in progress by hitting the escape key or command-a on your keyboard.

Distribution info

This game may be distributed freely for non-profit purpose. However if you plan to distribute it on a CD-ROM or similar for-profit purpose, you must get our prior written (or electronically written at consent before and must send us a free copy of the product at each of the addresses below:

Félix Lapointe
1629 Rue Garnier
Québec, Québec
G1S 2T6

Jean-François Nadeau
1021 Guillaume-Boisset
Cap-Rouge, Québec
G1Y 1Y8

Legal Stuff

To the best of our knowledge, MegaPong is a well-written piece of computer software that shouldn't cause any problems on your computer system. However, for legal reasons, we must include the following:

* The creators and distributors of this software package make no warranties, either express or implied, regarding its quality, or fitness for any particular purpose.
* The user assumes all risk of damages that may result as a consequence of the use of this software package, even if such resulted from an error in the software.
* Once it leaves their hands, the creators and distributors of this software package cannot be held responsible or liable for the corruption of the package by viruses, hackers, computer errors, or any other modification to the original state of the software package.
* If for any reason whatever you do not agree to the above terms, you are not given permission to keep, use, or distribute this software package.

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