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MacSnake 1.2 f

Version 1.2
MacSnake 1.1 was Shareware, but i noticed it's kinda stupid to make a small game like this shareware because nobody is gonna pay for it anyway. It took my some time to make it and people can make me happy by dropping a note at my mail or something... Please notice that i'm 16 years old (from Holland) and my english can be bad. Thanks for playing MacSnake!!!

How does it works?
Move the snake with the arrow keys.
Get the balls (dots), the snake will get longer when you get a dot, how faster you catch the dots how more points you get for it. You will die if you hit yourself, hit the wall or have less then zero points.

How can i help?
You can help me by making skins for MacSnake. Please send an email (

How do i make a skin?
Open the skin folder and read the "How do i make skins?" file.

What keys can i use?
Press the arrows keys to move arround.
Press command+N to start a new game.
Press command+Period (".") to stop a game.
Press command+P to pauze/resume a game.
Press spacebar to start New Game, Pauze Game, Resume or start new live.


I made this game freeware, but you're allways
able to support me at:

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