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Christmas Super Frog
by Josh Hague of Koingo Software®

What is it?
Santa's sleigh has broken down and the gifts are scattered around the town! Find all the missing gifts before Christmas arrives!

Arrowkeys: movement
Return Key: use next life
Shift Key: cheat > go to next level (note: -50,000 points)
R Key: reset game (when not playing)

Contact Info:

Koingo Software
#132 22150 48th Ave
Langley, BC
V3A 8R5

Be sure to read the following agreement before using the Software. Paying the shareware fee allows you the right to use a certain number of copies of the Software depending on the license you purchased. The Software and its related documentation are provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind and the Koingo expressly disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranty of usability for a particular purpose. Under no circumstances shall Koingo be liable for any incidental or consequential damages that result from the use or inablility to use the Software or related documentation.

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