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What is Asshole?

Asshole is an excellent card game for the Macintosh. Your goal is to be the first one to get rid of all of your cards. The last one to go out will become the Asshole. The real game of Asshole has many variations in game play, and so does this one! As many features as possible were squeezed into this one game resulting in one of the most configurable and fun to play card games avaliable.

For more information about how to play, read the online help within the Asshole application under the Apple menu.

Asshole features:
* Networking ( uses NetSprocket technology )
* great sounds, graphics, and interface
* Play against 3 to 6 opponents
* 3 levels of difficulty
* Single round and continuous play
* adjustible winning score
* The computer can play for you.
* chock-full of wackiness
* it is FREE!

* 68K or PPC
* CFM68k enabler, ObjectSupportLib and OpenTransportLib.68k is required for 68k NetSprockets
* 2.5 MB of RAM
* 640 x 480 monitor with 256 colours or better
* System 7.0 or better
* 2 MB of disk space
* five minutes of spare time

Where can I find the latest news about Asshole?

Visit the Asshole homepage at:

Sometimes a hotline server is up, which is run by the Asshole crew. In May, the hotline server may have an ethernet connection! Hope to see you there.

Contact the authors at:

Version History:

*1.0.0 - 25/08/97
- initial release

*1.0.1 - 27/08/97
- fixed bug which caused Asshole to crash when Speech Manager is not installed on PPC computers

*1.0.2 - 09/10/97
- Fixed a number of non-critical bugs.

*1.0.3 - 10/04/97
- Finally gotta hold of a 68k version of netsprockets. I didn't realize I would take hours of library manipulation to get it to compile though! 68k Macs should be able to play netgames now. However, 68k macs now need the CFM68k enabler to run Asshole.
- Note for 68k Mac users: If you are running systems older than 7.6 then you must install the CFM68k Enabler and ObjectSupportLib and OpenTransportLib.68k extentions! Otherwise Asshole(or any other NetSprockets game) may crash with a type 10 error.

*1.0.4 - 12/29/97
- Got around to fixing a one line bug which should get rid of the more common pesky 'No such card' errors.

*1.0.5 - 02/01/98
- Faster chat. Faster connecting in Netgames. [To think that bug was in there so long, for shame on me.]
- 'Stop Netgame' is now not available. To stop the net game just quit the application. The stop net game command was not cleaning up properly. So rather than fix the problem, we'll just take it out.
- New stats dialogue box! Yippie skippie. We now count win streaks, lose streaks, President streaks, and Asshole streaks.
- Updated the Asshole FAQ.

*1.0.6 - 03/15/98
- Fixed the amusing all Aces hand. This would occur then a third player would join in the middle of a game. A player can now join a game in progress with out any side effects.
- Partially fixed a rare lost message bug where no one could play a card and the game would be stuck until someone left the game. Now if this ever occurs a delay may be experienced but the game will continue.
- Joiner's are now notified if the server quits.
-During President-Asshole passing a help message will be displayed if the user makes an invalid pass 3 times in a row. Some people didn't know what to do at this part of the game.
-The chat box is now resizable. It also clears itself after a certain number of messages to avoid the Text Edit 32k limit (for those of you who have long conversations.) A chat box bug that would allow the user to put a 'return' in the middle of a sentence is fixed.

*1.1 - 10/31/98
- New features!
- AutoPlay! - Watch as the computer takes over your hand for you and ruins your statistics! Useful for those of you who want the have asshole running for hours at a time even if you are not at the computer.
- Play on last card preferences - Now if you choose to, you can play on a players last play.
- Total time played - I haven't been playing that long have I? Oh my...
- Asshole now is more background task friendly.
- This version will delete your old preferences.... Sorry.
- Compiled to use Netsprockets 1.1.1.

Leagal Information:

The Asshole software and all related documents are copyright 1997, Greg Munro.

Asshole is offered as is, use it at your own risk. Although I believe this software should function without problems, I claim no responsibility for any damage or loss of data caused by this program to your computer for any reason.

Asshole may not be redistributed for profit by anyone. This software may not be included on any CD-ROM or other software collection without the prior consent of the author. It may however be uploaded to online services or distributed to your friends as long as no profit is made through such transactions. If distributed, Asshole must include all documentation and supplementary files included with the original package.

NetSprocketLib and SpeechLib are © Apple Computer, Inc.

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