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Cricket Version 3 (Test Match Simulator)


This completely upgraded version of the cricket game exclusive to the Mac, has an impressive bowling sequence derived from the real-life action of a world famous test bowler. You still need to have quick reactions to score runs against the bowling attack which ranges from fast to cunning spin. The scoreboard at the ground records your progress and the scorecards can be called up at any time for a more detailed view of the innings.

In the full version of Cricket, each team can be selected from a squad of 15 players and you need to assess the bowling and batting performance of the players to improve your team's performance. Batsmen with lower batting averages are more likely to give catches as they try for runs - and make sure you rest your bowlers from time to time so they can keep up a good line and length.

The full version includes
- Complete set of international teams
- selection of each team from squad of 15 top players
- up-to-date bowling and batting averages
- Test Match or limited overs option
- Selection of next bowler at the end of an over
- Move the fielders to any position
- Replay camera for those controversial lbw and runout decisions
- Save and reload games
- Noballs, overthrows, dropped catches

Minimum requirements are

68040 processor with 4MB memory
256 colour screen, 14-inch
System 7

To obtain your copy, send Pound15 cash or cheque to

Somerton House
20 Palace Gardens
Royston, Herts
SG8 5AD.

The full version can be easily shipped via email so please make sure that you include your email address as well.

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