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Copyright © 1999 Mike Bailey

Version 1.8.7 and later should not be used with any other earlier version of ChessWorks because of the piece placement fix (queen gets her color). You could play the game but beware that there might be some funky things going on like both players playing two different games. Which could probably be fun but for best results just make sure you are BOTH using version 1.8.7 or later. Thanks!

How to play a multi-player game of Chess with ChessWorks:
ChessWorks allows you to play a multi-player game of Chess with someone over the internet. All you have to do is connect to each other via the connect button. After you press the connect button you will be presented with a dialog box that gives you the choice to either 'Host' or 'Connect'. Somebody must choose 'Host' and the other person must then connect to the host's IP address (Note - if you choose 'Host' your IP will be displayed in the address field). Both players must be on the same port when connecting. When the connection is established a chat window will pop up where you can chat to each other.

How do I connect to a tracker to find games?
All you have to do to connect to a tracker is go under the File menu and choose 'Tracker' or press command+T. This brings up the Tracker Window. Then you click on connect and enter your tracker address (or use the default) and your desired nickname to appear to all other users on that tracker.

What is this 'Page' thing in the Chat window?
The 'Page' button will "page" the other player or send them a wake up call. Pressing the button activates a sound on the other players computer. You are limited to 1 page every 5 seconds.

A little bit on saved games:
The player that saves the game should load the game and if the host should host again for best results. If you don't have the same setup as before your loaded game might be slightly altered such as you switch sides or the next turn might be wrong.

Saving Server/Player Info:
To save server/player info (name,port,address) just choose 'Save Info...' from the popup menu in the connection window. Then save it to a folder called 'Servers' that is in the same folder as the ChessWorks application. Now you can choose your saved information from the popup menu to restore your settings.

Creating Custom Board and Piece Sets:
ChessWorks allows for custom board and pieces sets to be used. To create a new board make an 8x8 grid of boxes each 32x32 pixels. When making a piece set imagine an 8x2 grid of 32x32 boxes. All white is transparent in the pieces.. Then place your pieces inside of those boxes in the following order. The top row is the bottom set (white) and the bottom row is the top set of pieces (black). The pieces must be in this order: Pawns, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, and King. If you are having trouble spacing the pieces and the board download the CWGraphicsEditor and let it do it for you.

Using Custom Board and Piece Sets:
To use custom board and piece sets create a folder called 'Graphics' in the same folder as the ChessWorks application. Then inside that folder are two folders named 'Boards' and 'Pieces'. Drop your sets in their designated folders and in the ChessWorks application go into 'Options' and select the board and piece sets that you would like to use.

Bug reports, comments, and suggestions:
Please send them all to:

If you find yourself feeling generous I am accepting donations for my hard work. I put a lot of work into this free program and if you would like to donate a little something to help out a student (me), and to encourage me to continue developing this and other software you can send donations to:

Mike Bailey
8335 Cypress Hollow Dr.
Sarasota, FL 34238

Thanks for your support!

ChessWorks is freeware! If you want to include it on a CD that you are publishing please contact me for permission first at:

Special Thanks (People who have supported me and this game):
Marius Sindilaru
Richard A. Fowell
James Welborn

Board a piece sets:
- "American" piece set, (c) Richard A. Fowell, used by permission.
- copyright ("Metal" piece set, (c) J. Charles Holt, used by permission.
- ChessAlpha was created from the ChessAlpha Truetype font (c) Eric
Bentzen <> used by permission

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