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iPuzzle v1.0 PPC


The release of the iMac inspired me to create this program. iPuzzle is a simple puzzle program that features the iMac!


When you launch iPuzzle you will see a solved puzzle, to scramble the puzzle, go to the File menu and select "Scramble", or press Command-T. You can toggle sound on and off by going to the File menu and selecting "Sound", or by pressing Command-S.


This version of iPuzzle is PowerPC native and will not run on 68k based machines, there is a 68k version available, go to my website at "" to download the 68k version. iPuzzle has been primarily tested on an iMac and runs without any problems at all. I have also tested it on a Performa running at 80MHz and it also ran just fine. If you find any bugs or problems at all please e-mail me and be as specific as possible.

NOTE: Use this program at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for any harm that comes to you or your computer as a result of this program, although I sincerely doubt that anything bad will happen.


iPuzzle is freeware, although a fee is not required, contributions are encouraged and can be sent to the following address

Alesh Slovak
406-2969 Kingsway Drive
Kitchener, Ontario
N2C 2H7

Feel free to distribute this program as long as it has not been modified in any way and the original documentation is included.


You can contact me at the above address or my e-mail address below. Feel free to share your comments or questions.

To download upgrades and other programs visit my website at:

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