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Minimum Requirements:

DrawSprocket Lib (part of Apple's Game Sprockets):

SoundManager (2.0 or later) Now a part of QuickTime:

OpenGL Libraries:

Suggested Configuration:

* PowerPC G3 Processor

* 32 MB RAM

* ATI Rage Pro / 3dfx VooDoo Accelerator or better,
with at least 4MB VRAM and full OpenGL Drivers.

* MacOS 9.0 or later.

Known Bugs / Issues:

* --Fixed in 0.53-- Blinking/flashing text messages (rather than smooth fades).

Technical Notes:

This port is virtually an exact duplicate of the other versions of glTron, therefore what applies to the other versions most likely applies to the Mac version. Therefore, I suggest you check out the glTron website first if you run into trouble, or have questions about glTron:

Software rendering may be acceptable on some systems. For example, on a G3/233 I get about 15 fps with all graphics goodies disabled at 512x384.

The fullscreen mode will attempt to use the bit-depth (but not the resolution) of your main monitor (for example, as configured in the control strip).

OpenGL is actually faster in 16bit (thousands of colors) software mode than 8bit (256 colors) software mode.

If you have a 32 bit(millons of colors) capable accelerator card, you will want to run it in 32 bit mode (nicer ground texture).

There are 2 settings that can be customized by 3dfx users via the a "3dfx.ini" file. If this file is not in the same folder as gltron, the defaults will be used. The text file is formatted as follows. On the first line you put what the desired refresh rate (must be integer, not something like 74.5) My voodoo3 card uses a default refresh of 60hz, so I put "85" in there. Also, if the refresh rate you request is unsupported, the default will be used. On the second line put a 1 if you want v-sync enabled, and 0 otherwise. With vsync enabled, the game can only redraw as fast as the refresh rate being used, but it eliminates most of the slicing artifacts. It is enabled by default.

Trying to run in 3dfx mode at a resolution your card/monitor does not support will cause unexpected results. On the VooDoo 3, when 320x240 is attempted, the screen will be blue and in the bottom left corner will sit the game. The other modes (software and ATI-based cards), however will center the smaller area on the smallest-possible screen resolution (usually 640x480).

Trying to run in 800x600 in software or ATI mode will cause display problems, although it won't crash or report any errors.

I have tested with a VooDoo 3 2000 and beta 10 drivers and it works great.

I have tested with a 6 MB Rage Pro with OpenGL 1.1.2 and it works great. Not quite as smooth as the VooDoo 3, of course ;-)

I have tested on a PowerCenter Pro 240mhz 604e, ATI Rage II+ 2mb vram. I get 20-30 fps with graphics goodies disabled.


to 0.53:
*added a 3dfx.ini file
*squashed blinking text bug

to 0.52:
*music via libmikmod
*fullscreen capable

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