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Version 1.0.0
March 21, 2000

Copyright (C) 2000 Steven Frank


Steven Frank

Card face and back designs by:

Dwain Griffiths / Griffiths Design

Thanks to Cabel Sasser for assistance.

1. Introduction

Welcome to FunkyPoker!

FunkyPoker is a simple video poker game for your PowerMacintosh computer.

This is a freeware game -- no payment is required for it. If you enjoy the game, and would like to contribute to development of more Macintosh applications, you are encouraged to check out Panic's commercial offerings:

Transmit: The ultimate Mac FTP client
Audion: Sophisticated player for audio CDs, MP3s, and Internet radio

More information about these products can be found at: <>

2. System Requirements

FunkyPoker should run on any PowerMacintosh running Mac OS 7.5 or higher. Mac OS 8 or higher running in thousands or millions of colors provides the best appearance.

3. Starting FunkyPoker

To start FunkyPoker, simply double-click on the FunkyPoker icon.

4. Playing FunkyPoker

The objective of the game is to win as much virtual money as possible, and not go broke trying! If you have ever played video poker in a casino, you probably already know how to play FunkyPoker. Otherwise, read on.

You begin the game with $100 of virtual money. It costs $5 of this virtual money to start a new game, which you can do by clicking the New Game button in the lower right of the FunkyPoker window.

Upon starting a new game, you will be dealt a hand of five cards from a standard 52 card deck. Whether you win, and the amount that you win, is determined by the value of your hand. More on that in a moment.

You get one chance to improve your hand by holding the cards you want to keep, and discarding the rest. The cards you do not hold will be returned to the deck, and new cards will be dealt so that you once again have a five card hand.

Choose which cards you want to keep by clicking on them. No need to rush, there is no time limit. If you hold a card by mistake, click it again to un-hold it. When you are satisfied with your held card selection, click the Deal button in the lower right of the FunkyPoker window. Any cards that were held (indicated by the word HELD above them) will remain, and the rest will be re-dealt.

The game is over after the replacement cards are dealt. If you do not have a winning combination of cards, you will not win any virtual money, and your $5 bet is lost.

However, if you do have a winning hand, you will win a multiple of $5 depending on the highest valuation of your hand.

FunkyPoker will let you know if you have won, and if so, how much virtual money you have won. In addition, the cards relevant to your win will be highlighted.

Winning hands are as follows, in highest to lowest value:

Royal Flush

An Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10, all of the same suit, in any order.
(The "suit" refers to the card being either clubs, diamonds, hearts, or spades.)

For example: Ace of clubs, King of clubs, Queen of clubs, Jack of clubs, 10 of clubs

Pays 1000 to 1 -- You win $5,000 on a $5 bet

Straight Flush

Any five cards in sequence, all of the same suit. The sequence does not have
to be in order.

For example: 7 of hearts, 8 of hearts, 9 of hearts, 6 of hearts, 5 of hearts

Pays 50 to 1 -- You win $250 on a $5 bet

Four of a Kind

Any four cards in the hand have the same face value.

For example: 10 of diamonds, 10 of spades, 2 of spades, 10 of clubs, 10 of hearts

Pays 25 to 1 -- You win $125 on a $5 bet

Full House

One pair, and one Three of a Kind, in any order

For example: 5 of clubs, King of hearts, 5 of spades, King of clubs, King of diamonds

Pays 8 to 1 -- You win $40 on a $5 bet


All five cards are of the same suit.

For example: 2 of clubs, 8 of clubs, 3 of clubs, Queen of clubs, 10 of clubs

Pays 5 to 1 -- You win $25 on a $5 bet


Any five cards in sequence of any suit. The sequence does not have to be in order.

For example: 7 of clubs, 8 of hearts, 9 of spades, Jack of diamonds, 10 of diamonds

Pays 4 to 1 -- You win $20 on a $5 bet

Three of a Kind

Any three cards in the hand have the same face value.

For example: Jack of diamonds, 2 of clubs, Jack of hearts, Jack of spades, 8 of spades

Pays 3 to 1 -- You win $15 on a $5 bet

Two Pair

Two pairs of the same value card, anywhere in the hand.

For example: 9 of hearts, 9 of clubs, Ace of spades, Ace of hearts, 3 of clubs

Pays 2 to 1 -- You win $10 on a $5 bet

Jacks or Better

A single pair of any royal card (Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces), anywhere in the hand.

For example: Jack of hearts, 10 of clubs, 2 of diamonds, 3 of hearts, Jack of clubs

Pays 1 to 1 -- You break even, and win your $5 bet back.

Note that in the Straight or Straight Flush, Aces can be either high or low -- that is, an Ace can count either as the value below 2, or the value above King.

Now you can choose to bet another $5 by starting a New Game, or quit the game if you're ahead. However, FunkyPoker does not remember your score; you'll be back to $100 the next time you start the game.

Should you bet your last $5 and lose, you will be broke, and you must start over. Fortunately, because this a computer game, you will automatically be given another $100 to play with. Please note that this does not happen in real life.

Odds are that you'll soon be glad the money you're betting is virtual!

5. Game Options

Sound Effects may be toggled on and off by selecting the Sound Effects menu item under the File Menu.

6. Disclaimer

FunkyPoker is meant as an lightweight entertaining diversion only. Due to the random nature of video poker, it is not wise to assume that because you're on a winning streak in FunkyPoker that you should rush to the nearest casino with a fist full of money. Neither is it advisable to place actual monetary wagers on the outcome of FunkyPoker games. This may even be illegal in your area.

If you do gamble in real-life, please be responsible. If you feel you may be addicted to gambling, treatment is available.

7. To-Do List for Future Versions

- Adjustable bet amount (bet more or less than $5)

- Notification if you are dealt a winning hand in the first deal

- Video poker variations such as Deuces Wild and Four of a Kind Bonus

- User-customizable card decks

- User-customizable sound sets

- On-screen scoring / pay table

- Saving high-scores, current amount of cash

- Statistics (games played, games won/lost, cash amount in/out)

- Get a real icon

- Save "Sound Effects" toggle setting (preferences)

- Keyboard shortcuts

8. Version History

1.0.0 - First public release (March 21, 2000)

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