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Mega Minesweeper

Developed by Carrot Software
Programming by Stephen Nowalk

Web page:

Version: 0.9.5b1

Mega Minesweeper is the first modern Minesweeper game for the Macintosh. It is fast and looks great in thousands of colors! Due to it's stiff requirements (8.1 or newer, 8.5 recommended) it provides all the latest in MacOS technology like full support for the Appearance Manager, live scrolling, proportional thumb bars, Navigation services, and much more.

Besides working seamlessly on your Mac, it provides the best gaming possible for Minesweeper. Regardless of whether you're playing your first game or you're an old pro at it, Mega Minesweeper is easy and powerful. With field sizes up to 32,767 x 32,767, custom graphics via themes, different size boards, and custom sound effects you'll never get bored!

Mega Minesweeper is being released as freeware so everyone in the Mac community can enjoy it. Please visit our web site or drop us a line if you like the game (or have any questions, comments, or suggestions).

The Future:
The future of Mega Minesweeper looks bright indeed! As new versions of the MacOS come out, Mega Minesweeper will be updated to take advantage of the latest features. Mega Minesweeper is currently being ported to Carbon so that it runs natively on MacOS X!

Trouble Shooting:
Q: Why is the scrolling and drawing so slow?
A: Mega Minesweeper runs best AND fastest at thousands of colors (16-bit). It runs SIGNIFICANTLY SLOWER at millions of colors or any other setting.

Q: Why is 8.5 recommended?
A: MacOS 8.5 and newer supports floating windows. If you have 8.5 or newer, then the Statistics and Navigator windows become floating windows. On pre-8.5 systems, they are standard windows.

Q: I have a (2x/3x) button mouse, and it doesn't work with Mega Minesweeper
A: If you have a multi. button mouse and it doesn't work correctly, than UNCHECK the "Track modifiers" in the Preferences (under the Option Menu)

Carrot Software

Stephen Nowalk

Beta Testers:
Adam Cederblom
Steven Champness
Justin Crompton
Jim Van Dinter
Cameron Hanover
Bob Hockman
René Forgues
George Frankos
Pierre Frisch
Dave Furfero
Robert Greenwell
Jonathan Jakufah
John Johnson
Eli J. Jones
Michael Kern
Jim Marxen
Fred McConnell
Scott Naness
Jason Robertson
Andrew Robinson
Keith S.
Oscar Tavernini
Joseph S. Tiraco "Ziggy"
Sean Wiedeman

Authors of plug-ins distributed with Mega Minesweeper:
Jason Aller,
Dave Furfero,
Jac Lundqvist,
Stephen Nowalk

Dave Furfero for his help with the Themes and GUI layout.
Sacha Saxer & Macintosh Game Developers Forum for help with coding problems!

Mega Minesweeper may be posted on the internet, given to friends and family, and included on any type of media AS LONG AS IT REMAINS INTACT with the Themes, Sounds, and files it was originally distributed with. If including Mega Minesweeper or linking to it's web page, an e-mail to <> would be greatly appreciated.

Bugs & Warranty:
Although we try to provide the best software possible some bugs do get through. If you think you spotted a bug, send e-mail to and we will try to fix it as soon as possible! Please be specific about the bug and include your computer type and MacOS version.

Please note, there is NO WARRANTY on this game. Use it at your own risk.

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