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The exciting dinosaur 3D game now updated. Source code is also free and available here (0.6 MB)(please understand the usage limitations). Visit the homepage of PangaeSoft, creator of great 3D games (Bugdom, Nanosaur, Weekend Warrior) to download the suitable version. There are different versions for different VRAMS from 2 MB to 6 MB (ps: charityware)
Nanosaur (20 MB)
A dropping-blocks game based on the Japanese game PuyoPuyo, and is similar to Tetris in some ways. The objective is to remove the blocks that fall from the top of the screen by arranging them into patterns. NetBlobbies allows you to play against the computer or against an opponent over the Internet. Read me file (require Java Virtual Machine, download the latest MRJ from here). Screenshots of startup window, and game window. Homepage.
NetBlobbies (100 KB)
A fun game where you navigate a plane in netherworld, picking up lost souls, and avoiding or shooting demons. Good sounds available. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. Homepage.
Netherworld 1.2.1 (2 MB)
A mutliplayer Yatzee game that can be played over the internet with up to 4 players. Screenshots. Homepage.
Netzee (400 KB)
Pac the Man
A classic arcade game, still as addictive as ever. Visit the homepage for screenshots and more information (PPC and 68k)
Pac the Man 4.5 (4.1 MB)
A great tetris-like freeware. Great design and smooth play. Read me file. Screenshot of game preferences, and of game window. Homepage.
PerTetride 1.1 (240 KB)
The best Pokemon reference available. It includes all the pokemon, what moves they learn and when they learn them, a list of all the moves in the game and a description of what they do, and a quick battle reference that tells you which type attack works well on which type of pokemon. A must-have for any pokemon trainer. Homepage for more information and screenshot.
Pokedex (2.9 MB)
Also available here
PokePuzzle is essentially iPuzzle with a Pokemon theme. Read me file. Homepage for screenshot.
PokePuzzle PPC (108 KB), 68k
5x5 Poker
A software created with Future Basic III where the player attempts the best 5x5 arrangement (Poker wise) of cards. Screenshot. Homepage.
5x5 Poker (448 KB)
Pong Classic
Another pong game (written with REALbasic). You can play this with your friends or against the computer. You can also change the size and color of the table. Screenshot. Homepage.
Pong Classic 1.5fc4 (440 KB)
You're finally facing Darth Vader: Pong style! In one player mode, you, as LukeSkywalker, control the left lightsaber-paddle with the A and Z keys, and try to defend yourself against a bouncing sphere of Mandalorian Iron (the only material that a Light Saber cannot cut through). I enjoyed the Star Wars theme here. The music for this game is good. Read me file (PPC). Screenshot. Homepage.
PongWars 1.0 (1.6 MB)
Poor Man's Solitaire
A simple implementation of most of the popular solitaire games (with 8 variations available) (PPC and 68k). Homepage (screenshot and more information). Postcardware.
Poor Man's Solitaire 2.0 (807 KB)
Powerball is a breakout styled arcade game for Macintosh computers. It offers you fast 256 color animation, music and sound effects, nice graphics and plenty of fun during game play. There are 30 levels available here. Screenshot. Read me file (compatible with both PPC and 68k). Homepage.
Powerball 1.3.6 (950 KB)
PowerMac Gunshy
A game similar to the classic Shanghai: you match tiles with pictures of Macs on them (PPC and 68k)
Download (585 K)
Read me file
What kind of game is Psion Boy? It's difficult to describe. I guess you could say it's a cross between The Legend of Zelda and a real-time strategy game such as Warcraft. The best way to find out is to begin playing and draw your own conclusions. (personal note: a great fun game, and it's free!) Read me file. Screenshot. More screenshots are available at the homepage.
Psion 3 (2.6 MB)
PushPush Cartoon--6th Feb 2001
A wonderful game with a refreshing idea of using cartoons as characters. Highly recommended (educational). Screenshots one and two. Homepage.

Since the game comes with minimal instructions, i hope this helps: In this game, you move the cartoon around puzzles, and try to gather all the water into a jug. Move the cartoon character behind the jug, and use the command key to push the jug towards the water droplet (collecting water). The longer you push the command key, the more strength in your push. You can get more instructions here.

PushPush Cartoon 1.1 (1 MB)
A challenging game where you try to avoid being the last to remove a coin. Screenshot. Homepage.
Quarters (335 KB)
RChess 2.2.2
A chess game that makes no demand on hard disk space (PPC and 68k). Read me file. Screenshot is here.
RChess 2.2.2 (104 K)
The popular strategy game (please make sure you set your monitor settings to 256 colour). Screenshot.
Risk! (114 KB)
Roll Em Up!
A highly addictive pinball game wih great sound and great graphics, but a little demanding on memory requirements, although they do have less demanding versions. Screenshot (16 MB to run)
Visit this site to download this game
Rotate and clear those tiles. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot.
Rotate 1.0 (84 KB)
Royal Flush
Royal Flush is a pinball simulation game, that very accurately mimics the classic "Royal Flush" machine. Screenshot. A fun game that runs on less than 5 MB
Download (1.4 MB)
Sceamer chess
Fully functional chess engine that plays legal chess with unlimited undos. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
Screamer chess PPC (584 KB), 68k
Sigma Chess Lite
A free, master-strength chess program for both 68K Macs and PowerMacs. However some functions are disabled in this lite version (manual also available). Homepage
Sigma Chess Lite 5.1 (PPC) (1.8 MB)
Sigma Chess Lite 4.0.2 (PPC and 68k) (1.2 MB)
A variant of the "Simon says" game. The aim of the game is to remember as much as possible the change in sequence of four colored buttons. It gets quite tough as the sequence increased. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
Simon (536 KB)
Simple Yahtzee
Yahtzee game. Rules of the game are included in the installer. Screenshot. Homepage.
Simple Yahtzee 1.0 (1.1 MB)
Try to hit a moving target (ranging from 'Bill', etc). Screenshot. Homepage on Check out the freeware games on here.
SmackBiff (1.1 MB)
Smashing Windows
A great space invaders game. Also addictive. Screenshot of sprites used, of the background available. Screenshot of game.
Download (750 KB)
Space Bug is an arcade game for Macintosh. Your mission is to save the Earth from threats that are coming from outer space. You manouver a small spaceship and prevent missiles, alien spaceships, large meteors and asteroids from causing too much damage to earth. Screenshot. Read me file (PPC). Homepage.
SpaceBug (1.2 MB)
A simple shoot'em-up game in the spirit of Space Invaders (PPC only). Read me file. Screenshot.
SpaceFreaks 1.0 (608 KB)
Sphaera is a modern freeware arcade game in the spirit of the classic game Breakout. Screenshot. It uses Apple's DrawSprocket for fast gameplay through ten challenging levels.
Download (1.2 MB)
A small but addictive game where the objective is to move a snake around gathering apples and bonuses (PPC and 68k). Screenshot
SnakeTIX (198 K)
An educational game that challenges you to think. Lots of levels, and you can even make your own levels. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. Homepage.
Sokoban 2.4.2a (202 KB)
South Park Macgammon
A backgammon game with a design theme based on South Park. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot.
South Park Macgammon (0.9 MB)
South Park Solitaire
Two solitaire games (klondike and eight-off) with design theme based on the cartoon series South Park. Screenshot.
South Park Solitaire (155 KB)
Simple Strat
Freeware game inspired by Strategic Conquest, V4Victory, and World at War. This is a hex tile based strategy game. Homepage for more information and screenshot.
SimpleStrat 1.1.0a FAT (356 KB)
Star Fighters--26th Jan 2001
The most elaborate game of the whole lot. Choose your spacecraft and weapons, and blast away your enemy. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. Homepage.
Star Fighters 1.7 (788 KB)
A bright and colorful game where you move the main character to jump and collect as many passing stars as possible. 10 levels available. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
Starlands (587 KB)
An Internet board game based on the classic Stratego by Milton Bradley. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
Stratega 1.0 PPC (1.2 MB), 68k (1.2 MB)
Street Rumble--26th Jan 2001
An interesting game where the graphics are actually clips of actual people's movements. You can make your character kick and box and jump. The 2nd level is tough as the machines (Terminator-like) are very strong. Screenshot (PPC and 68k). Homepage.
Street Rumble 1.2 (2.2 MB)
Put a freeware slot machine onto your control strip (68k and PPC). Screenshot
Download (44 K)
The fast action, constant challenge, wild and outlandish game of harmony and balance! In SUMO you are there, and there is a surrealistic, alien version of sumo wrestling. Read me file (68k and PPC). Screenshot. Homepage.
SUMO 1.0.3 (1 MB)
SuperMemory 3.2.0
A rehash of the classic game Concentration, but with added audio and a few new elements of challenge. Pairs of tiles are scrambled and placed face down. The player selects a tile, then attempts to select the matching tile from the remaining lot (PPC and 68k) (screenshot is here, different themes available). Read me file. Also downloadable from here
SuperMemory 3.2.0 (750 K)
Play this board game against the computer that's programmed to think. Read me file (68k and PPC). Screenshot. Homepage.
SUSAN 2.5 (628 KB)
A shooting game with sushi plates as your target. Created using the Macromedia Director. Screenshot.
SushiShooter (791 KB)
Tickle-Me Pikachu
Can you make this cute Pokémon laugh? Just find out where Pikachu is ticklish and it will laugh in delight. Read me file. Screenshot.
Tickle-Me Pikachu 1.0 (294 KB)
Unicycle! 2.0
A one-player action game. Screenshot. You control a funny clown who rides a unicycle in a nonstop quest for airborne smiley faces while you avoid a variety of dangerous obstacles (PPC and 68k)
Download (1 MB)
Read me file
War of Flowers
A popular Oriental card game that is easy to learn. Read me file. Screenshot.
War of Flowers 2.0.9 (196 KB)
Weekend Warrior
A previously commercial 3D game made into a freeware. Screenshot.
Download (30 MB)
Read me file
A classic game of strategy and luck. Visit homepage for more information about gameplay. Screenshot. Homepage.
Wumpus 1.0.1 (1 MB)
A vertical scroller game modelled after Xevious. If you are looking for a freeware vertical scroller game, this might be it (PPC, 68k will run but too slow). Read me file. Screenshot is here.
Xenia (224 K)

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