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PowerMac Gunshy

by Zeke Faux of Tuppperware Interactive,
Orginal Gunshy Game by E.C. Horvath
PowerMac Icons by Michael Irwin,

Are you confused by Apple's new, giant product line? Do you have trouble telling M*Power from PowerTowerPro? This game will help you with your problem. And if you are familiar with what all the new Macs look like, you'll still have fun matching them. In PowerMac Gunshy, you match tiles with pictures of Macs on them. Pretty soon you'll be able to identify any model, even those only released in Japan! Have fun while you learn, with PowerMac Gunshy.
PowerMac Gunshy will run on any Mac which can display 256 colors and has at least 1 meg of availiable RAM.
This game is free, but please send me an e-mail at to tell me what you think about it. You can post it anywhere and include it on any CD-ROM as long as the entire package is included.

If you need help playing the game please see the manual, which is included.

The icons are downloadable from any Info-mac archive. The easiest way to get them is to do a search on for 'PowerMac Icons'.

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