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November 2000
Martin Flahault

1 - What is "Simon" ?

Simon is an adaptation of one of the first electronic games : Simon. It's supposed to work on any Power Macintosh.
Simon was made with REALBasic. It's a freeware.
You can propose it freely on any website or CD-Rom (and I will appreciate if you do so).

2 - How do I use it ?

Launch Simon, and click the play button. One of the big colored button lights up, click on this button. Simon then lights up two buttons, click them in the same order as Simon. Simon then lights up three buttons, click them in the same order as Simon...

3 - What are the possible settings ?


4 - Contact and informations

My e-mail adress :
New versions and other freewares :
REALBasic website :

5 - Version History
- 1.0
Original release.

6 - Known bugs

- None