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* This version of Weekend Warrior is distributed as freeware. Give it to anyone you want.

* This game is very old and as such may exhibit faulty behavior on some machines, so use at your own risk. Pangea Software, Inc. does not take any responsibility for any malfunctions that this game may exhibit - you get what you pay for. We don't actually know of any problems, but if they do come up, don't blame us.

* Please do not call Bungie or Pangea technical support for questions regarding this game. If you absolutely must get help, send email to

* There are 2 versions of the Weekend Warrior app, one that says "512" and one that says "640". The 512 plays the game in a 512x384 window and the 640 version plays ina 640x480 window. Use the 512 version if you have a really old Mac with a really slow 3D card (like an ATI Rage II).

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