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Space Bug "Read Me!" file

Thank you for taking time to get this product!

Space Bug is a freeware game. It is completely free, but if you have alot of money and you don't know what to do with it, please feel free to send any amount of bucks to support our work.

Instructions for the gameplay can be found in the About box of Space Bug so you should look in there.

Space Bug Requires:
-Macintosh with PowerPC processor
-640x480 resolution at 256 colors
-Atleast 9 megs of free RAM
-Atleast 2,1 megs of free hard disk space
-A lunatic player with sense of humour

If you need additional help or have ideas, typing error reports, comments or suggestions, here is our contact information:

Programming, graphics and sounds: Juho Ruohola

Juho Ruohola
Kanervatie 20
26660 Rauma


Father of Space Bug: Hannu Parjanen


Thanks for reading this document !