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PongWars 1.0

The splicing of two of the seventies' most legendary nerd magnets.

Note: To speed up the game's animation, turn off Music in the options menu!!!
Also, set your monitor's depth to 256 colors.

- Well made graphics and fluid animation.
- multiple channels of nostalgic sci-fi, paddle-blasting sound
- cool in-game MOD music soundtrack
- Great one or two player fun
- Full 640x480 Graphics
- PowerPC Native
- Well designed options to suit a player of any skill or interest
- Is it Star Wars or Pong?
- Written by two "non-constructive, anti-social" teens!

How to Play:
You're finally facing Darth Vader: Pong style! In one player mode, you, as Luke
Skywalker, control the left lightsaber-paddle with the A and Z keys, and try
to defend yourself against a bouncing sphere of Mandalorian Iron (the only
material that a Light Saber cannot cut through). Vader's lightsaber-paddle
is controlled by the computer in this mode. You beat Vader and will probably
become a Jedi Knight if the sphere passes Vader's paddle a set-limit number
of times. You'll lose, of course, if the sphere gets past your lightsaber-paddle
that set-limit number of times before Vader. You'll still probably become a
Jedi if you lose, but that is beyond the scope of this game, and it sure would
be nice to be a Jedi without having several billion brain cels fried by an angry
Emporer and an evil father. But back to the game! A good way of increasing or
decreasing the computer's difficulty is to increase and decrease the paddle
speed in the options menu respectively. It is possible to beat Vader with the
highest paddle speed with a ball speed at level 3. If anybody can do better, I'd
be very surprised. In two player mode, Vader can be controlled by a second
player with the ' and / keys. Don't be tempted by the dark side! Have fun and
may the force be with you.

When people heard that our latest game was going to be another artistic
rendering of Pong, they usually thought, "Great; another crappy Pong game.
Why can't we Macintosh owners have a deep, fufilling, well-thought-out game
full of hidden metaphors and a plot for a change?". You know, the kind that
Windows users have with games like "Deer Hunter". Well, if you want a game
like that, I don't think that this game is going to cut it (who would look for that
in a game titled "PongWars" anyway?). However, if you do have a Macintosh, you
probably do "Think Different". Either that or you were really stoned when you
bought one (who would buy a Macintosh for just games anyway?). Regardless,
as we at SloppyDisk have seen, the really hardcore mac users are usually the
more educated and experienced slice of the nerd-pie. That is why, when we
decided to make Pong, we made our goal to provide geeks from the 70's the best
natural high achievable in a computer game. Hence, we combined the simple
arcade game of "Pong", with the Epic Trilogy of "Star Wars". Yes, two of the
seventies' legendary nerd-magnets (that us young'ins at SloppyDisk can only
dream of) have been sucessfully combined into one game, PongWars.

System Requirements:
- MacOS System 7.5 and up (Sorry retro-geeks, this won't run on your Apple IIs)
- At least a 640x480 resolution monitor.
- You'd better have your volume cranked up!
- 8-bit (256 color) depth and up (16 or 24 bit color users may want to set their
colors down to 256 to speed up animation).
- We made this on a PowerPC 8500, but it should still work on older
powerpc machines and powerbooks :)

More Info:
As with all of SloppyDisk's programs to date, this one is completely free. We
are not responsible for any harm that comes to you or your computer as a result
of this program (although we sincerely doubt that anything bad will happen).
Please don't take PongWars seriously, it is a silly little program made for fun.
You should take this game with a grain of salt if you know what's good for ya.
If you'd like to include PongWars on a cd-rom or some other form of media, feel
free as long as you don't change anything and you send us an email. We'd be
shamefully pleased to know who is using our software. : )

Known bugs
We have not discovered any bugs in this release so far. If you find one
(or more *gasp*), please email us at the addresses provided below. Still,
Remember, this is unsupported "FREEWARE", not commercial software!
We get absolutely no money for this! Geez! :)

Contact Information
If you would like to contact us for any reason (praise, complaint, questions, donations?), please don't hesitate to email us. We would love to hear how we are doing and who is using our software.

Mark's E-mail:, (the university "fired" us)
Charlie's E-mail:, (we like to make games more, anyway)

Mark's Website:
Charlie's Website:

SloppyDisk Software
"WebSite" (as of this release):

The PongWars concept is (C) 1998 SloppyDisk Software