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PerTetride v1.1 Read Me:

Welcome to a new release of PerTetride with many great new features and several bug fixes! A lot has changed from previous versions, for a complete list check out the Version History file.

One of the biggest new features is the ability to use Aspects. Aspects are files that change the way PerTetride looks and sounds! So be sure visit the PerTetride home page and Download any Aspect that you think look cool.

Enjoy the new features :)

-Adam Iser

Known Bugs/Problems:

-When playing full screen with 'Don't Share CPU' off, other programs will draw on top of PerTetride, such as the desktop clock, or MacAmp Lite, etc. The only way around this is to turn 'Don't Share CPU' on.

Planned Features:
-Sound via Aspect file. Currently PerTetride only loads sound files from itself. Soon it will support sound Aspect files.
-Music will come soon... (PerTetride is set up to handle it, now all I need to do is pick a format and create some tunes)
-A longer delay before pieces stick. Unfortunately this feature proved very hard to impliment with the current desine of PerTetride. I will try to put it in again next time I have a slow weekend.

PerTetride requires Game Sprockets, available free from apple, and probably already on your computer. If PerTetride tells you that you need Game Sprockets, you can get them from the PerTetride home page at:

If you experience any problems with PerTetride, or have any questions, comments, or feature requests, please email them to me, Adam Iser (

And be sure to check out the PerTetride home page at:

PerTetride is Free Ware! Which means that there is no fee for it's use, so Please give it to all your friends, but be sure to include the entire package (Application, instructions, read me, and version history file).

But remember, PerTetride is still a copyrighted work (this includes all code, sounds, graphics, texts and patterns), and should not be modified, or sold, in any way. If you wish to include PerTetride on a compilation cd or in any other package, you must first obtain permission from me, Adam Iser (

©1999 Adam Iser

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