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For the latest version of Star Fighters, come and visit the Foxchange Productions page at "".

Things to know.
Quit all other programs before loading Star Fighters (otherwise the game play will be a lot slower then it should be).
Do not leave Star Fighters without quitting it, ie. don't leave it in the background.
If you have a problem with Star Fighters reboot your computer and try again. If you still have a problem try rebooting with the extensions disabled. Finally give Star Fighters more memory. If none of that works, please feel free to write to me (
To run Star Fighters at it's best speed, you will want QuickTime installed (most Macintoshes should already have this).

Star Fighters needs a Macintosh computer with a monitor of 640x480 pixels (color is preferable). You will also need about 4 megs of spare memory.

What's New
In version 1.7
Became Freeware.

In version 1.6
New graphics, thanks to Maxime Chevalier
Fixed a bug that caused errors in the torpedoes section of the instructions (must have missed it last time).

In version 1.5
Completely new key routines to make the game easier to play.
Fixed a bug that caused the instructions to have many strange problems under OS 8.5.

In version 1.4.1
Fixed a compression problem that caused Star Fighters to not even load on some computers.

In version 1.4
Easy registration program.
Tweaks in the code.

In version 1.3
Fixes in the code.
Game should now run a little faster.
Fixed up menus.
Improved Instructions.
Improved Ending.
Joined FoxChange Productions.
Improved graphics.
Ship types now have names.
Engines now use up energy so running for it isn't always the best answer.
Many other improvements that I forgot to list.
Ended up cutting out an 0 because everyone just ignored it anyway.

In version 1.02
Improved the difficulty of the champion computer.
Caps lock will now have no effect on the game.
Extensions that alter the default system font (eg. Aaron) will no longer effect Star Fighters.
In the one on one game it sometimes thought that the station was still there, not anymore.
Past versions of Star Fighters would crash off a locked disk (like a CD), not anymore.
Fixed the writing in the opening sequence.
Now asks for you to register.
The high scores now ask for your names, instead of listing just your score.
More odds & ends.

In version 1.01
Moved most of the graphics into the same picture resource.
You can now choose one of five improvements for your ship.
Added a Slick Software Logo.
Lots of odds & ends.

In version 1
This was the initial release of Star Fighters.