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Welcome to Powerball!
Powerball is a breakout styled arcade game for Macintosh computers. It offers you fast 256 color animation, music and
sound effects, nice graphics and plenty of fun during game play.
System Requirements

At least a 68020 (16MHz) CPU or faster.
System 7 or higher and Sound Manager 3.0 (optional).
At least 2,5 MB available RAM.
Min. 12" Color Display (256 color at 512 * 342 res.).
Note: Without Sound Manager 3.0 sounds and music are disabled.

Sound Manager 3.0 is available on most online services. You should also be able to get a copy of Sound Manager 3.0 at
your local Apple dealer. (Sound Manager 3.0 is also included in System 7.5)
Performance Tips

close all other applications before running Powerball.
remove non-essential extensions and control panels.
donąt use virtual memory and file sharing.
switch to 32-Bit addressing.
for fastest possible screen updates, you can optionally turn off "Music" and/or "Sound".

Freeware is copyrighted software. We allow you to use Powerball on your computer without any charge. That╝s it.
Non-profit distribution of Powerball is permissible without prior written notice, providing that the Software is not
modified in any way, and the complete works of the Software, as released by macnetic software, are included in the
distribution package.
Distribution for profit in any form is prohibited without permission from an authorized representative of macnetic
software. Contact:
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