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SUMO(TM) 1.0.3

by Stephen Linhart ©1998

Updated for System 8.5

The fast action, constant challenge, wild and outlandish game of harmony and balance! In SUMO you are there, and there is a surrealistic, alien version of sumo wrestling.

FREEWARE - SUMO is protected under international copyright conventions, and all rights are reserved. However, you are encouraged to copy and distribute this archive freely, as long as you include all of the files. You may not modify the program or any of the associated files in any way, and you may not charge money for them - except for shipping, handling and the cost of media.

Online services and BBSs may distribute SUMO while charging their normal usage fees if they abide by my other terms. CD-ROM publishers must ask for permission.

I believe that SUMO will run on any Macintosh® with System 6 or newer, however, I do not make any claims or warranties as to its fun, safety or fitness for any purpose. SUMO is a trademark of me. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

When you expand sumo103.sit you should have a folder which contains:
* SUMO(TM) Read Me - the file that you're reading right now.
* SUMO(TM) Manual - information about SUMO and how to play.
* SUMO(TM) Quick Reference - a short page with all the keys and controls.
* SUMO(TM) - the game itself. Double-click this file to play.

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