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A quick and subtle game for two players
with intelligent opponents that LEARN!

Copyright © 1994 by Stephen Linhart
An Enigmatic(TM) Production

Macintosh® version by Stephen Linhart

Special thanks to:
Jason Linhart & Doug Hewitt

The board game SUSAN(TM), this computer program and the associated files in this archive are protected under international copyright conventions, and all rights are reserved. However, you are encouraged to copy and distribute this archive freely, as long as you include all of the files. You may not modify the program or any of the associated files in any way, and you may not charge money for them - except for shipping, handling and the cost of media.

Send comments and questions to:
ENIGMA(TM) GAMES - Box 199 - Amherst, MA 01004 - USA
Stephen123 on AOL - on Internet

This file has everything for SUSAN, including version 2.5 of the program for the Macintosh, two sets of add-on color art, a manual with strategy tips, and an advanced intelligence file. SUSAN includes intelligent computer opponents that use a simulated neural-network to actually learn by playing. After every game, your opponent will evaluate what you each did right and wrong. In this way it can learn and improve from game to game. Because an opponent learns everything it knows from you, intelligence files record your playing style and techniques. This means that your opponents are always near your skill level. And you can share intelligence files with your friends!

SUSAN 2.5 introduces a new rule to handle draws, plus Competition mode which makes computer opponents smarter without slowing down, and a variety of other improvements and fixes. SUSAN 2.5 works with System 6.0.2 or newer, including System 7. It supports SUSAN Colors and SUSAN Colors #2 if you have them.

SUSAN Colors contains great graphics for folks who want a subdued, elegant look for SUSAN. If you want excitement and stimulation, try SUSAN Colors #2. These graphic add-ons require 640K available, and a color or grayscale display. You can use these graphics by placing one of the SUSAN Colors files in the same folder as the program. Or, you can leave them in the Art folder and double click the one you want to use.

I believe that this program will run on all models of the Macintosh® computer, however, I do not make any claims or warranties as to its fun, safety or fitness for any purpose. SUSAN, Enigma and Enigmatic are trademarks of Enigma Games. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

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