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Rotate 1.0 <--\
\--> This is just a little game I made this week.

You rotate the square by moving the mouse (i.e. it's like there's a rubber band attached to the middle of one side of the square and to the end of the cursor).

Knock a block and it turns color or disappears:
Red -> Purple -> Blue -> Green -> Yellow -> add a point to your score!

Get rid of all the colored blocks, and you move on to the next level.

Hit a frowny gray-scale block and you die...


Every 15 points, you get an extra life.

Needs 16 colors or better!

Tim Williamson <--\
\--> This is just the person who made the program.
You can really make his day by sending him a message at:
If you want the source code or whatever programs I've finished by the time you mail me (they're all Freeware so far), just say so!

Obligatory Disclaimer:
I've tested what I can test, and it works fine for me, so don't blame me if it crashes your computer, causes your hard drive to be eaten by gerbils, makes your wife leave you and travel to Vegas to strike it rich drilling for oil in roulette tables, delivers secret nuclear information to small third-world countries thereby creating an arms race which eventually destroys the world, ruptures the fabric of space-time allowing all the original Star Trek cast to reverse-age back to their youth and make another movie, or does anything you do or do not want it to do!

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