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Unicycle! ©1997-99 By Brian Kendall

This game is probably one of the best games I've completed so far. It took me merely one week to program. (Of course, that was Unicycle 1.0. This is Unicycle 2.0 now, which took a hella long time.) This game is also completely freeware. Be thankful!! I could've charged ten bucks for this monstrosity, but I decided not to. However, if anyone reading this for some reason feels the need to pay me some amount of money for this game, I'm all for that (no surprise here), so email if you want to. (By the way, this has happened before.) It will contribute to my lust for writing video games and help insure future versions of Unicycle and other fun (snicker) games that I'm working on.


Well, in this version of Unicycle, you finally get to set them yourself. But the four basic controls are speeding up, slowing down, jumping, and jumping higher. The jump higher button is used by holding it down and pressing the regular jump button. There is also the option of playing "classic" Unicycle, in which you can only jump.
For multiplayer controls, things can get a bit sloppy, seeing as how many keys have to be set, but I'm sure it can be worked out.

The object of the game: to keep going as long as posible. This can be achieved by not hitting walls or falling down endless pits.

Score: Try to get as many points as posible. Also, if you can beat a level before your bonus runs out, you will warp to the bonus level! (Extra life every 300 points!)

There are an extremely large number of secret codes in this game, since I added a whole lot for this version. If your so bored that you have nothing better to do, you might try to find them all. But I'll give away one:

This is not really a code, but more of an error that I decided not to remove. If you hit a wall and pick up a smily face which sends you to the bonus level before you hit the ground and die, a very strange thing will happen when you exit the bonus level. (My goodness, what could it be?)

Version history:

2.0 - I added a whole lot of stuff: multiplayer mode, changing the window size, more secret codes, preferences, more music, etc. etc. I also fixed a bunch of minor bugs, although I'm sure there's even more of them in this version.

1.4 - I fixed a very nasty bug which would make Unicycle unplayable under system 8.5. This bug is now fixed (phew). I also fixed a bug that got it so you wouldn't get an extra life every 300 points. Mentioning things that aren't bugs, I added a pause option (which is something every game desperately needs) and made it a lot easier to get out of the high score screen. I also added a new secret code. Egad! What could it be?

1.3 - fixed a lot more bugs, and finally switched compilers so everything would work better. Reduced the size of a lot of stuff, changing the application size from 1100k to 700k. (yea) Also added pictures to certain dialogs. (And because I had nothing better to do, added silly dialogs so that if you type a stupid number for the level you want to practice, the game will respond accordingly)

1.2 - fixed more bugs, including one which would crash the computer if you read the instructions after playing. Added on a couple of more things, including another secret code, and so on blah blah blah.

1.1 - added a high score list, fixed several fatal bugs, added a couple of new features including a practice option.

1.0 - the initial release of the game. It didn't even have a high score list. Really pathetic. Not much to it, there were a lot of bugs, and so on.

Things for a later version:

- More multiplayer games.
- More secret levels.
- Better graphics?
- Game saving option (probably not. Why bother?)

Brian Kendall

If any error of any kind occurs (except the one mentioned above for the code section), let me know immediately.
my email address is:


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