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PokéPuzzle PPC

Version 1.2

PokéPuzzle is essentially iPuzzle with a Pokémon theme. Each week I will add one new Pokémon character to the set of puzzles. To vote for your favourite Pokémon character send me an e-mail, listed above, stating which Pokémon character you would like to vote for.

System Requirements

* Any PowerPC based MacOS computer
* System version 7.x; 7.5 or higher recommended
* A display capable of showing 256 colours or grays

Version History

1.0 - Initial release
1.1 - Mew has been added and the Pikachu puzzle has been slightly edited
1.2 - Raichu and Tangela have been added


File Menu

Scramble (Command-N) - Select this from the File menu to scramble the pieces and begin a new game.

Reset (Command-R) - Stops the clock and puts all the puzzle pieces in their original location.

View Times (Command-H) - Toggling this option will allow you to view a window which displays the best times list and your current time.

Sound (Command-S) - Toggling this option will cause Sound to be turned on and off.

Quit (Command-Q) - Self explanatory, quits the game.

Pokémon Menu

Selecting different items from this menu allows you to solve different puzzles. You can choose from nine different Pokémon characters: Ash, Pikachu, Charizard, Charmeleon, Bulbasaur, Mew, Pikachu, Raichu, Tangela, and Team Rocket.


This is the PowerPC version of PokéPuzzle and it will not run on a 68k computer. A 68k version of PokéPuzzle is available for download off my website. This program was tested only on an iMac and ran flawlessly, if however you experience any problems please contact me.

NOTE: Use this program at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for any harm that comes to you or your computer as a result of this program, although I sincerely doubt that anything bad will happen.

Freeware Notice

PokéPuzzle is a Freeware program for the Macintosh. You can use it for free and I hope you enjoy it! The only thing I ask is that you take the time to give me some feedback by e-mailing me.

Feel free to distribute this program as long as it has not been modified in any way and the original documentation is included.

About the Authour

My name is Alesh Slovak, I am 17 years old, I started to learn programming in C for the Macintosh when I was about 13, I think. I have created a number of Freeware programs including iPuzzle and Backgammon Lite which were both included on many CDs and in the case of iPuzzle on a CD accompanying two books about the iMac. I hope you enjoy this game and all my games to come. I am currently working on my first shareware product which is nearly complete. I am a full time student and therefore I do not have much time to spend on my projects so please bear with me, as it will take a long time before new games or updates will appear. Drop me a line sometime, I would appreciate it and thank you for playing PokéPuzzle.

Contact Information

You can contact me by e-mail listed below or by ICQ. Feel free to share your questions or comments. I love to get e-mail from people that have played my games and have something to say about it.

ICQ # 40861574

To download upgrades and other programs visit my website at:

Note: Pokémon and all related characters are property of Nintendo of America Inc.

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