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Name2Win takes a folder full of Macintosh files and adds the correct DOS suffix to their names depending on their type, thus making them compatible for use on Windows PCs. It also converts any characters in the file names that aren't Windows compatible. Ideal if you have to transfer many files from a Mac to a PC. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. Homepage.
Name2Win 1.1 (286 KB)
Newer Gauge PRO
Use this freeware to know more about your Mac (type of CPU, running speed, back cache etc). Also has a diagnostic tests for RAM modules. Homepage for more information and screenshot.
Newer Gauge PRO (59 KB)
Nine 11
An extension that provides the option to override the System Error #119 that occurs in MacOS 9 for some applications that read the low memory value "FCBSPtr" (the pointer to the list of open files) - allowing most of them to function without any problems. Homepage for more information.
Nine 11 v1.1 (32 KB)
Nom De Plume
An convenient utility that allows you to create aliases from any folder into any folder in your hard disk
Put a control strip on your MacOS X desktop. Open source movement (v0.2 as of Oct 2000). Check out the homepage for more information. (MacOS X, MacOS 9 with CarbonLib installed)
OpenStrip (1.2 MB)
Peripheral View
Display all SCSI and IDE/ATA devices that have been properly connected to your computer. From this window you can rescan for connected devices, print a listing of all your devices or select a device that you want to view additional information about. Its main window features are outlined below.Read me file. Registration required. Homepage for more information or screenshot.
Peripheral View 2.0.1 (467 KB)
Drag and drop application that disables the PPC part of FAT applications (of course you can restore them too).
Power Toggler (22 KB)
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
A security software that enables encryption of emails to be sent, reading of encrypted emails received, and secure erasing of your hard disk free space. (5.7 MB)

US & Canada
Quickly Rename Your Files in a multitude of ways. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. If you like this freeware ('anyware'), but would like more features, please consider buying the shareware version 1.5. Visit the homepage for more information!
QuickRename 1.0 FAT (675 KB)
A simple drag and drop application that converts editable text documents into read-only documents, and vice-versa. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Homepage. If download link is broken, try the homepage instead.
Quickswitch 2.1 PPC (453 KB) 68k
Quicktime Winfix
A patch to change the appearance of Quicktime 4.1 to a more familiar look. Screenshot of patched Quicktime Player. An obvious advantage would be the ability to minimize the window! Homepage for latest version.
Quicktime Winfix 1.0 (72 KB)
Resfork Killer 1.4
A simple drag and drop application to remove resource forks that are not needed for the internet, and when sending files to PC friends (PPC and 68k). Also handles files in folders
ResFork Killer 1.4 (22 K)
SCSIProbe 5.1.1
Control Panel (cdev) useful for identifying and mounting devices connected to your SCSI bus. With SCSIProbe you can determine the device type, vendor, product and version for every device connected to your bus. SCSIProbe also includes a startup extension (INIT) that, when enabled, can mount volumes without having to access the cdev.
Download (54 K)
Sherlock 2 Winzap
Modifies Sherlock's II's appearance to make it look more like a "normal" Mac app. Read me file. Homepage for more information
Sherlock 2 Winzap 1.0 (75 KB)
This little utility will make renaming folders of files a breeze! You may change a wealth of properties during the change including file Type/Creator combinations. Selectable numbering allows you to place the progressive number anywhere in the file name you want! Great for prepping files for the web.Screenshot. Read me file (FAT or both PPC and 68k, donationware). Homepage.
SimpleRename 1.5 (584 KB)
Let it snow on your desktop, on your windows and have Santa running around your screen for that extra Festive Season Cheer. Snow for Macintosh is a desk accessory ("Apple Menu Item") that animates falling snow and Santa on your desktop. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot of Santa and falling snow. Homepage.
Snow (55 KB)
Software FPU
If ever you get a dialog message that your computer does not have FPU even though you know it does, use this control panel. Read me file (free for personal use). Homepage.
Software FPU 3.07 (176 KB)
System Picker
This software might be useful if you use more than one MacOS on your computer (use with caution)
System Picker 1.1a3 (23 KB)
Zap your pram. Rebuild your desktop. See how many hours you've used your computer since it was made and more (PPC and 68k). Read me file (please check if it suits your OS version first). TECHTOOL UPDATED TO 1.1.9 (758 KB) TO INCLUDE SUPPORT FOR MacOS 9. Homepage for latest information
Download (758 KB)
The Reaper
Control the heap allocation for applications that you may not otherwise adjust. Screenshot. Homepage for more information.
The Reaper 1.32 (111 KB)
A MacOS application designed to create and use icons in the Finder without any title (file name). Finder icons free of file names! With it you can get rid of any icon name: under the trash, any hard disk or cd-roms, or any other icon in the finder. Read me file (emailware). Homepage. Screenshots from homepage.
TitleFree 1.3 (207 KB)
TMDC FileChanger
An application which is used to change file type, creator, and Finder flags. Finder flags like Name Lock, Is Invisible, Has BNDL, and many more including extended flags like Has Custom Badge and Has Routing Info can be edited or viewed in FileChanger. For MacOS 8.5 or later. Homepage for more information and screenshot.
TMDC FileChanger (416 KB)
TMDC TEXTConverter
A simple but effective utility that converts normal SimpleText files or SimpleText read-only files (ones like this read me) in to the opposite kind. Drag and drop. Homepage for more information and screenshot.
TMDC TEXTConverter (12 KB)
TrashCan!--17th Feb 2001
Freeware trash can changing extensions. Read me file.
Trash Cans! 1.5 (1 MB)
Type/Creator Database --10th Jan 2001
Look for PC exchange, PC extensions, and duplicates. Every Macintosh file has two four-character codes associated with it - its type and creator. The Creator code is unique to each application and enables the Finder to attach documents to their parent applications. This way you can "double click" on the Icon of a document and MacOS will open it with its correct application. The Type code lets this application to differentiate among its files. Type/Creator Database is a collection of those codes (PC extensions are also available).Screenshot. Homepage (a valuable resource for every computer user).
Type/Creator Database
A free utility that can change file types, creator codes, and file name extensions from anything to anything based on sets of predefined criteria. Read me file (PPC only). Screenshots of add/remove creator/types window, and automatic conversion window. Homepage.
Typer 1.1 (110 KB)
Virtual Desktop
The premier virtual desktop manager for the Macintosh. Increases your workspace (viewable screen), and helpful in handling multiple windows. Great for powerbooks with small screens. Read me file
Who am i
For those who want to modify any System Enabler or System Update file. Back up before use. Read me file (postcardware). Also available here.
Who am i 1.3 (FAT) (44KB)
Wish i were
The "Wish I were..." control panel provides a method for a system to identify its hardware as another hardware type, via the Gestalt "mach" selector. Read me file (postcardware). Also available here.
Wish i were (33 KB)
Y2K App Checker
Check your applications for Y2K compliance (Please read the disclaimer first!). Read me file. A freeware version (with ad banners!) of a commercial product. Screenshot
Y2K App Checker (1.6 MB)
Zoom Lens
A small application that magnifies the portion of the screen under the mouse cursor. Magnification up to 24X is available. Read me file. Screenshot.
Zoom Lens 2.5 (44 KB)

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